Through HYDROPONICS Technology, Ex-Naval Officer Makes A Difference To The Environment.

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CV,  as he is known amongst his peers was born into a predominantly military oriented family. His primary and secondary education was at Sainik School Bijapur in Karnataka State. He is also an alumnus of India’s premier and Iconic institution, the National Defence Academy, Pune. 

CV is a former Officer of the Indian Navy and served in the elite submarine arm. Upon his retirement, he migrated to Australia in 2001. CV learnt the technique of Hydroponics from the best of growers, consultants and resource people in the Hydroponics Industry in Australia and is an ardent proponent and pioneer of this futuristic science in India.

CV plays the role of a practical grower, a plant Nutrition expert, Turnkey Consultant, Greenhouse Auditor, Greenhouse Hygiene Management and Trainer in Commercial and Simplified Hydroponics.  

Many of his works can be seen on and makes for motivational food and his “Pet Bharo” project is an awe inspiring saga,  that he commenced in India in late 2008, with a mission  to bring technology to everyone who needs it to grow their own food. In short “technology without barriers”

He is a speaker at many national and international conventions, notable among which are as a keynote speaker at the National Conference on Food and Water Security in 2009 at IIM Ahmedabad, at the 2nd Global Agri-Business Incubation Conference at IARI, Pusa, New Delhi , The first ever dedicated Soilless/Hydroponics Conference at Mumbai, in Feb 2014 and 2015, The Green Landscape Summit 2014 at Pune  and most recently at the International seminar on hi-tech agriculture at the Agri-Intex 2014 at Coimbatore. He was also a speaker at the first ever Global Agro Meet at Kochi on 6th Nov 2014 at Kochi in Kerala State of India.  

He has also tested his first prototype of an animal Hydroponic fodder machine in India with outstanding results. His company has worked with several NGO’s to bring Hydroponics technology for sustenance and livelihood to the lower and less endowed sections of society. 

Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India Private Limited of which CV is the Farmer-in-Chief  and Founder has the unique distinction of having set up for the first time in the history of Agricultural exhibitions in India a 3500 Square Feet Live Hydroponics/Soilless pavilion at the Agri-Intex 2014 at Coimbatore in July 2014 which was witnessed by thousands of people and had rave reviews. 

One of his noteworthy ideas is creation of Food Parks in the peri-urban limits of large cities, using Hydroponics Technology to provide clean, green, pesticide free, fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for people. These Hydroponic Food parks are self-sustaining horticultural cities producing fresh vegetables for the nearby towns and cities. The concept actually is a path-breaking one and he wishes that these ideas be executed under PPP’s. 

He has also developed a design for a Centre for Agricultural Excellence, which again is a vision of great purport. He is also credited for building India’s first Commercial Fully automated climate controlled Hydroponics Greenhouse in India at Bangalore in 2010. He also has completed three other projects one at Coimbatore, one at Ahmedabad to grow Ginger another landmark project at Lusaka in Zambia. Presently he is working on a 10 acre vegetable growing project using hydroponics technology at Kothagiri, near Coonoor, another 5 Hectare project in Gabon, Africa, 1 acre project each in Dubai and in Bahrain. In addition, he has also consulted for the tea gardens of Harrisons Malayalam in Kerala state, for a Tomato producer in Sri Lanka, a Cucumber grower in Pakistan and also for a farmer in UAE growing vegetables using Hydroponics on 9 acres at Al Ain. He along with his team at Pet Bharo even showed by personal example that Hydroponic fresh vegetables could be sold to a company like Walmart-Bharti, in keeping with world best practices and international standards and at a selling price that beats any known records in recent history. 

Presently he is pursuing three top of the line hydroponic projects. He is building a Centre of Excellence for Hydroponics for the world famous Gururaj Deshpande Foundation at Shiggaon, Karnataka. Another technology demonstrator for the Karnataka Vikas Grameen Bank at their Head Office in Dharwar, Karnataka and the third another landmark project, which will be a vertical hydroponics farm at Bhutan for a client. CV will have the distinction of setting up a Hydroponics facility in Bhutan for the very first time in that country. He was invited to present his ideas for roof top hydroponic farming to the Singapore Government in late Feb 2016 and his presentation was accepted with rave reviews. CV has been approached by World Bank at Washington DC to give a talk on Hydroponics by last quarter of 2016. Presently he is doing a leafy lettuce project for a client at Magadi near Bangalore. CV most recently was a speaker at the All India Seminar on Business Opportunities in Soilless Cultivation held in Mumbai. He unveiled his “Food Park Concept” which had great reviews. CV is now doing a Hydroponics Technology demonstrator at the University of Agricultural Sciences at Dharwad in Karnataka State, India.

Awarded the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan honour by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka in Sep 2016.

He also is connected and interacts with some of the world’s best resource people in the field of Hydroponics/Soilless cultivation. CV is well known today in many parts of the world in the field of Hydroponics. His work, articles, interviews have been featured in many International magazines for several years now. Quite a bit of his work can be seen on . His papers are among top 2 percentile of world’s most read papers on Academia. 

He has also the unique distinction of having trained over 8000 students in India in Simplified Hydroponics. 

CV is also working on a Centre of Excellence for Hydroponics at Dharwad District, Karnataka where people from India and other parts of the world will be trained in Commercial Hydroponics.

His work in Hydroponics in India has truly been a “Saga of Tenacity, An Audacity of Hope, A Beacon for future Indian agriculture” and in his own words “A Journey Like No Other”.

His most noteworthy work in the field of agriculture has been the creation of a team called “United & Integrated” which consists of 5 start-ups and 2 Mentors. This is a group that will work in collaboration to create a Synergy hitherto unheard in Indian agriculture. Each member has his own specialist domain expertise and these when put together will change the face of agriculture in India and possibly in many other parts of the developing world.  

Finally CV believes that ‘

Know How’ is of no use, unless there is ‘Do How’ and ‘Show How’ and this is his steadfast principle in everything that he does. He knows deep inside his heart that the right ingredients, viz. Passion along with technological advances only can bring exceptional value to the agriculture sector. 

CV can be contacted on mob +91-81378-48383 or on his email 

Designation: Farmer-in Chief

Organisation: Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies India P Ltd

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts/Self Taught Hydroponics Expert

You can see his work on

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