Students initiate an intelligent walk towards making everything tech savvy in their school.

pranav sriharsha nuthalapati

An Intelligent Walk Towards Artificial Intelligence

"Technology opens the door to the world. It is up to us to walk through it in a meaningful way". With technology on fingertips, the world can be made a better place to live. Lives can be made easier and commodious.

Pranav Sriharsha Nutalapati, a 17-year-old boy and a class 12 student from Legacy School, Bengaluru, is a bright spark in the field of web technologies.

This ardent lover of web designing and coding has bagged the silver medal in the web technologies category at the World Skills competition held in Russia. Spotting his intellect in this arena, with the advice of his parents, he joined a training institute to learn web development and programming at the age of 12 while others of his age were toggling between their class books and gadgets. Let's see what is unique about Pranav's technical abilities.

#StudentExcellence Campaign: 

As a part of IC3's mission towards achieving student development and enhancing resourceful education, it has launched a Student Excellence campaign giving way for students to showcase their unique abilities. And it's here that this grade 12 boy has shown his unique abilities. He, along with his team created a simplified delegate registration process. The delegates need not carry any IDs or papers but can just scan a QR code on their phones.

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Technoids Who Changed The Shape Of The School: 

Pranav, the leader of tech team in his school, has put his heart and blood to integrate technology into everyday life. This zealous team takes active participation in various events like OSI days, hackathons, contests like HP codewars and IBM Bluemix.

Not just participating in the activities, this team is working towards changing everything around them into tech-friendly entities. The team takes care of every event right from the weekly assemblies to the biggest sports day events in school. Here are a few innovative projects they have done for the school. He recently grabbed the Silver Medal at the World Skill Competition 2019.

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LIVE- Streaming Technology

The children participate in various events at school and how would they feel if their parents do not get time to watch their performances? So, this tech team is working on building a system at an affordable price that will let parents enjoy their children's performances from a remote location.

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The Artificial Intelligence Club:

This club throws light on the advancements in the field of artificial intelligence thereby creating interest among the students about the future scope. Debates and discussions are organised on a regular basis to discuss the pros and cons of incorporating AI methods into everyday life.

Students Corner :

This team gives opportunities to students to create their own projects and exhibit them on platforms like Tens or Flow Playground.

Labour - Saving Activities :

The way teachers used to manually count the number of votes from the ballot after every Student Council election made this team think about the ways of saving time and energy in this whole tiresome process. They created a STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTION APP using which students can vote directly from their iPads. The counting is made automatically and the results will be declared within a day.

Student Feedback App :

In order to design an easy way to draw the student feedback on every teacher and subject, Student Feedback App was created that uses pictorial data representation techniques to analyse the feedback received from the students. This makes it easy both for the teachers and the management to rectify the errors thereby helping to create better learning experience for the students.

Modernising The College Events: 

In the Sports Day event, this team created a digital board that shows the details of the scores with alluring animations, food menus, directions etc. Instead of using flash cards everywhere in the ground to represent things, this digital scoreboard added a different glory to the event making it a hassle free and perfectly organised event.

School Management System :

A perfect school management system helps the management understand the problems to be addressed in the school, teachers' performance, students' analytics and others. It helps students in gaining access to the curriculum, papers, assignments, their performance analytics etc. Parents can also easily access the information regarding their Ward's performance, events, holidays etc. Though there were such Apps earlier, Pranav observed that they're quite a few glitches and so he is designing a flaw-free intelligent app for his school.

Looking For A Sparkling Future :

This avid gamer likes to pursue his passion for AI at one of the top universities in the U.S.  Let's wish this young Jeff Dean to reach greater heights in his area of interest and become one of his kind, the PRANAV SRIHARSHA NUTALPATI, the ruler of AI.

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