A chance TV Episode made me create a ROBOT today.

sreevarsh william

If I can recollect, I was pretty small, may be 5 years old when my Dad got me a DVD and I was so engrossed in watching Little Jimmy Sparks, a 12-year-old boy who controlled Gigantor, a huge flying robot, with a remote control.  At this age like every child I too wanted to play with toys like busses, trains, flying cars etc.,

I became more and more curious and tried to make an Airplane with Thermocol and used the TV Remote to act like Little Jimmy but to my disappointment nothing worked. 

At this point, my grandparents were furious because they were searching for the TV Remote and I was playing with it.  They didn’t understand why I was doing it and when I explained to them they were really happy. On my 10th birthday, I got a Remote Control Plane as a gift and other automatic toys.

My parents were not really aware of my interest but they did buy me some movies, DVDs and books related to Robots.

When I was in Class 8, I opted for Robo classes and this is when I truly thought that I would like to create new things and Robots was a passion as always. Of course computer science is my favourite subject and I am learning C, C++ and other languages.

I wanted to take part in competitions and I represented the School at the competition held under the theme “Rescue Robo”.  The teachers and my coach helped me with programming and I created the ROBOT. I am happy that I won a Prize and the competition.

My next goal is to take part at the higher levels like the District and State. My future dream is to be part of the ISRO/NASA and programme Robots and am sure if I work hard and am persistent, I will reach there.

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