Innovation by a young scientist for Bone cavities. Conferred the 2020 Young Entrepreneur award.

anuya nisal

There are numerous brainy engineers in India. Many of them are treading their path to carve their niche in their chosen fields. They are contributing their part with utmost dedication and zeal. However, if proper recognition and appreciation are not conferred on them, then the future might not witness the innovations of such vibrant brains. Recognition is a way to encourage an innovator and it's a means to pat their back and say, "Great job! Keep doing more." The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) does exactly the same thing. INAE recognizes the contributions made by the young Indian engineers who are research-oriented and who strive hard to develop new ideas for the betterment of society. It evaluates the work of the young engineers based on the research conducted, the product and the process, the technology used and the interdisciplinary approaches made. For this year, INAE picked up a Pune-based scientist for presenting the Young Entrepreneur Award and she is Anuya Nisal. Let's see what was so exceptional about Nisal that has caught the eye of INAE.

Anuya Nisal who works in the polymer science and engineering division of the NCL has founded BiolMed Innovations in 2015, a company that builds biomedical products.

BiolMed Innovations

The company that was incubated at Venture Centre in Pune, laid great efforts in developing tissue regeneration techniques from natural silk protein. Nisal, the principal scientist in the NCL centres focuses mainly on tissue engineering, cell structure and biomaterials. BiolMed, what started under the Lab2Mkt scheme was later renamed as Serigen Media Products.

What has BiolMed Developed That Nisal Received Such Honor?

Bone cavities are a great cause of concern and are formed mainly because of cancer or infections and sometimes due to trauma. To address this issue, BiolMed developed a substance called Serioss which is used to plug bone cavities effectively. This is one of their other amazing biomedical products that root from tissue regeneration. In BiolMed, research is mainly centered on the development of novel polymeric materials. Researchers at BiolMed work on exploring various applications of silk fibroin which is an ancient textile material. Their extensive research on silk fibroin and its applications can be seen in various research papers they have submitted. The company also filed numerous patents on the microstructure of silk fibroin and the unique processing protocols to modify silk fibroin surfaces for tuning bioactivity. Finally, BiolMed Innovations Pvt. Ltd. has commercially launched the bone graft substitutes based on their all-time research material, the silk fibroin. For this, the prestigious INAE's Young Entrepreneur Award was conferred on Anuya Nisal for the year 2020. The award comes with a cash prize of Rs. One lakh and a citation.

INAE's Young Entrepreneur Award was conferred on Anuya Nisal for the year 2020

Not Just the First Time:

If a company that was set up in 2015 could do so much within a span of four years, then we can understand how efficient and far-sighted its founder could be. Nisal's wish to set up a company and to take it to the next level in the field of science has come with her love for science and years of her journey through the layers of it. When we talk about Nisal, we must surely talk about her achievements too. In 2012, on the occasion of Science Day at NCL, she was selected for the Best Poster in Chemical Engineering award. She also received the GE Management Award for her work on a fundamental understanding of heat ageing process in Xenoy. She has also bagged the GE Management Award for fundamental understanding and customer issue resolution for low gloss extruded products for the Engineering Styrenated Resins business of GE plastics. Again, for her significant contributions to Center of Excellence in Microscopy, she has again bagged the GE Management Award. She was conferred with Graduate Fellowship in 2002 at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University for Delaware. The above list clearly tells how her life is totally focused on research, development, improvisation and enhancement of products using science and its roots. She is also a part of the project team involved with the Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The project there that she involved in includes a technical assessment of plastic banknotes and intellectual property landscaping for paper banknotes.

We wish many such young brains come up with innovations that would benefit society and make lives better.

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