Naga Neuroscientist Receive $418,000 for her Research from the National Institutes of Health (USA).

khyobeni mozhui

Who is Doctor Khyobeni Mozhui

A neuroscientist who hails from Longstung,  a remote village in Nagaland inhabited by around 300 indigenous tribal families.  It is not surprising that she loves music and is a trained classical guitarist and is a fitness freak too.

This little village is famous for its stylish shawls like Longpensu and Opvuram which are woven by the tribes and are pretty much in demand. The apple and the orange orchards with the mountainous background make it picture perfect.

She did her initial schooling in Kohima and completed her Bachelors in Biochemistry from Delhi University and a Masters degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University.  She moved to the US on a scholarship to do her Ph.D. and is currently teaching at the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, Memphis.

Indians Sparkle

Indians continue to sparkle and Dr Khyobeni Mozhui recently made Nagaland and India proud by receiving a grant of $418,000 for two years from the National Institutes of Health (USA).  She will undertake a study on gene expression, study of aging and lifespan differences.

Talk about her Research work

Her research is on the genetics of neuropsychiatric conditions related to depression, addiction, and stress.  Some other research focuses on the genetics of development of ageing using animal and human cohorts.  As described by her that her work is inherently multidisciplinary and incorporates the fields of neuroscience, genomics, bioinformatics and human epidemiology. Methods and approaches include classical genetics, systems genetics, and network analyses that utilize high-dimensional genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic data.  She highly relies on resources in bioinformatics and computational tools developed for large “–omics” type data.

 Maybe the Indian Education System

In fact, in every Indian home, Academics seems to take the topmost priority; though one sees a slight change over the last decade in the methods of teaching and learning.  One will agree that the current Education system is strenuous and gruelling which ropes in the high level of concentration, repetitiveness, recollection etc., but the method seems to provide a solid foundation and hence Indians are not only able to cope but also outshine. congratulates this young Doctor and wishes her success in her Research.

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