An Engineering student in Guntur designs 101 websites in a record time of just 40 days. What compelled her?

kandimalla rajitha

Options of School

With money, one has an option of schools. If a parent does, then International schools are a popular choice and if they don’t, one has to make do with what is available, affordable and convenient.  Rajitha’s parents being agriculturists from a remote village in Hyderabad, the obvious choice was the local school in the area. Somehow, these kids learn to accept the reality and are absolutely determined to excel in whatever school environment they are in.

Professional vs Alternative Careers

In the big cities, students are opting for other alternative careers because it is available and the families are encouraging and have the finances to do so. It is vice-versa for village students where they will have to get good grades, find a lucrative job and support their families.

Background no Hindrance.

This child had to burn the midnight lamp throughout her school days to consistently get good grades and that’s not all. She had to also help her Mom and Dad with the regular household chores. She says there was no room for complaints and instead made the best use of her circumstances.

Everything she did, she found joy in doing and proudly says she learnt so much about life skills.  Her touch and feel experiences were much better than the textbooks she asserts. Her mental math capabilities improved by helping her father in selling and buying the produce.  The long walks taught her to calculate distances, the Well Pulleys taught her about forces, she picked up practical knowledge of the crop cycles, the manuring, and watering. By tending and caring for the cattle and observing the Birds, Bees and the Butterflies, she learnt about their behaviour.

Sounds like a holistic approach to Education and it is ironic that in present day times, every parent is struggling to find ways to connect their kids to nature.

Engineering Degree.

Since she loved Math and understood Science, she always wanted to be an Engineer. With her grades, she got a Merit seat at the Narasaraopeta Engineering College, Narasaraopet in, Andhra Pradesh.  While in college, during her spare time, she started dabbling with the idea of developing websites and to enhance her knowledge in web designing she underwent formal training. The institute felt she excelled and performed beyond their expectations.

Finds an Alternative career.

Many of her colleagues and the college too approached her to develop a couple of basic websites and they liked the way she did it in quick turn around time. In her 4th year she went all out and set a goal of 101 websites and though it sounds unrealistic, she did achieve her goal in just 40 days. What is fascinating is, that she felt a bit insecured about not landing a plum job and compelled her to create these website as an alternative.

Launch a company

Believing in one’s capabilities, with the right focus and a vision, one can achieve anything she says. While she got half-dozen offers to develop websites from friends and companies, she launched her start-up web-designing company Altech Trend in 2017. She says work is flowing in at a steady pace but there is a need for expansion and she will be looking into it after she completes her Engineering.


She has designed websites on cloud computing and other programming languages and has covered a variety of topics ranging from dance, music, literature, science, math, sports, schools and the list is endless. 


She is now in the International Wonder book of records, the HRD Minister and other organisations have suitably awarded her.

Future Plans

Keen on taking her knowledge to the rural areas and empower other girls like her. What a noble thought and all our good wishes.

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