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rohit dey

As a toddler Rohit started fidgeting with the scrap materials and was fascinated by airplanes. His parents wondered how he could even understand the technicalities of working of an airplane. Probably they thought it was one of those hobbies where kids pick and after sometime lose interest. Rather he became more curious day by day and his curiousity led him to making his first DRONE “QUADCOPTER” when he just turned 5.


A decade later when he was 15 he had designed and developed more than a dozen such vehicles, with voice controls and GPS. His friends and classmates were quite intrigued by his unique passion and marvelled at him. He was soon a familiar name in the Children’s Science Association. His design won him the “The Young Scientist India” Award for 2015. Simultaneously he also started to learn how to write Algorithms. He wrote the algorithm for the ArduPilot (a professional grade open source, unmanned vehicle Autopilot Software Suite).


At 16, he designed his own Remote Controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehical (UAV). This Vehical/Drone had an in-built light-weighted rechargeable lithium battery which could stay in the sky for about 20 minutes at a height of 150 M.


  1. can any youngster ask for at this age ? He feels priviledge and happy that he often gets called by the NAL to do the testing of the UAV prototypes. He enjoys these on and off stints at the NAL. He has turned down many job offerss and he feels its the time to study and focus on finishing his graduation at Christ. In the future he would like serve the country where-in his expertise in aerodynamics could be put to full use obviously learn as well. Surely NASA too would be looking to hire him too.

To all tech lovers ...

He says, One is capable of creating something out of nothing if one is absolutely passionate about it. is proud to feature him and hope to hear more of DEY soon.


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