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A Kolkata-born cueist who beat Pankaj Advani is now a World Billiards champion.

sourav kothari

For a sportsman, winning is not something that happens all of a sudden on the field when the whistle blows, and the fan cheers. Winning is something that fabricates genuinely and intellectually - consistently when you train and consistently when you dream. With such enthusiasm and self-belief, the 33-year-old world billiards king,  Sourav Kothari, captured a million hearts after his countless gaze-bugging achievements and has become an Indian star of English billiards, confidently representing India at the world billiards champion's league.

Sourav Kothari, born 16 November 1984, was a well-known Billiards star long until Sourav appeared on the international stage. Ever since, he's experienced immense success mostly on Global Billiards loop. Kothari got to the final of the 2017 World Billiards champions league, dropping 8-4 to David Causier. He was able to substantiate himself to be a reliable long-runner, beating legendary Pankaj Advani by a huge margin before the quarter-finals of the World Championship. He made significant cracks in the 407, 295, and 170 the day with excellent results.

How a Winning addiction became a family trail!

His dad, Manoj Kothari, has been the 1990 IBSF Global Billiards Champion. He won the prestigious NGOC, 2014, 13th Asian Billiards Championship, defeated Alok Kumar in the semi, and won the gold at the 2017 Asian Indoor Matches. He was second to David Causier at the grand Prix Billiards Championship, falling 4–8 in the shorter game (150-up).  Sourav has not just emulated his dad's example by playing this lovely round of Billiards; however, he has exceeded expectations as it moreover. He turned into the Asian Billiards Champion in 2014 and earned the Indian Gold Medal at the Asian Indoor tournaments in 2017.

Like a father like a son......

…….. It's like a dream comes true!

The day my dad earned the World Billiard Award in 1990, I was just a little kid, totally ignorant of the incredible feat he had accomplished. Nor did I ever expect that 28 years later, I was going to look at an image like this. "It's all about the blessings of my parents on the floor where I'm standing today," he stated.

Manoj Kothari and Sourav kothari

For a billiard master, constant winning became his lifetime passion….

Reigning world champion Sourav Kothari beat a numerous-time world champion, Mike Russell, at the International Billiards Semifinals. Kothari flourished in 1090-594 with splits of 205, 195, 175, 128, and 103 While Russell rendered splits of 247, 131, and 121. In the quarter-finals previously, Kothari went past Rob Hall from England 1076-484 with 141, 135, 242, and 121 splits.

Mike Russell Billiards

Sourav Kothari beat Singapore's Peter Gilchrist to earn the 2018 global Billiards Championship in Leeds. 

Singapore's Peter Gilchrist

And in the quarter-finals, Kothari met a difficult test from the Australian veteran, Robbie Chilcott, very easily 750-222 with such a long break of 243 and 193 throughout the long up system of 750 marks. He consistently has proven himself as an unparalleled long-runner, easily beating experienced Pankaj Advani by a significant margin in the pre-quarterfinals, though he made major splits of the 407, 295, & 170 that year with such excellent results.

Robbie Chilcott

Sourav’s success stories became highlights of every sport’s page!

Sourav Kothari defeated longtime Singapore champ Peter Gilchrist 1134-944 to earn his hallmark World Billiards Champion crown. Previously in the semi-finals, Kothari led his route to a thrilling win in the final minutes of the match against six times World Champion David Causier from England by 1317-1246. The plot of the semifinals battle was downright a fantasy for Kothari who at one phase of the match followed by more than 500 points with around no chance of returning to the game, despite Causier 's remarkable ability to create and score high breaks.

Sourav Kothari World Billiards Champion crown

His spectacular show continues….

He started his impressive performance to outshine numerous-times Britain's Mike Russell world billiards champ in the semi-finals. The biggest attraction of the semi-finals, that provided Kothari a major push that shook Russell, was indeed a breakdown of 195 in answer to a split of 247, with the Kolkata guy adding balance to the final score a little before the pre-session break. From the earliest starting point in the second round, it was Kothari as he went out of control with progressive blows of 205, 175, and 103 of every matter of a little more than an hour, a tremendous gain of almost 600 points. It is Kothari's supremacy in the match that even with 45 minutes left on the timer in the semi-final that lasts for 4 hours, Russell surrendered the match evidently due to not having enough time staying for him to conquer the tremendous deficiency of about 600 focuses.

He was a little depressed after a down and out!!

Defeated Gilchrist from Singapore ousted Sourav Kothari as World Billiards champion by beating the Indian in the long-up group played more than five hours in three meetings in Melbourne. Upon being crushed he stated, "this isn't the end for me and I will at present polish myself for another game, forward to see you all". Gilchrist beat Kothari 1307-967 to recover the title following six years. It was sweet retribution for Gilchrist who lost to Kothari in Leeds a year ago.

Sourav Kothari sealed the crown  “Reventon Classic snooker” …..

Across the centuries, the greatest players of the three-ball game on both sides of the globe in between have raised the cup. Laws, places, styles, and identities may well have shifted, but there is a however one consistent remain; that the title is as yet the most esteemed in the game – the one that everyone needs to win. Reventon is one of three that shapes the Reventon Triple Crown — Classic, Masters, and International in Australia.

Sourav Kothari sealed the crown  “Reventon Classic snooker”

Kothari was one of a few worldwide players who entered the Reventon Classic to take out the billiards the next week. The World billiards champion will be one of the hot tops picks alongside Matthew Bolton and Peter Gilchrist in the up and coming Pacific International Billiards followed by the National Billiards at the Yarraville Club in Melbourne. Sourav rebounded in the fifth and made a brilliant recovery with a final score of 67 to set the edge for the championship. Shaken by Kothari 's exceptional phenomenal preparing abilities and accurate targeting throughout the fifth game, Tyson showed a few big mistakes throughout the sixth game because Sourav took power and iced the game.

"Snooker is greatly mainstream in Europe and numerous pieces of the world and it ought to be remembered for the Olympics," words of Sourav Kothari ….

It was an incredible excursion for Kothari all through the title as he got over difficulties of some exceptionally well-known snooker players, particularly Kurt Dunham from Australia.  At the Northern Snooker Center in Leeds, India's Sourav Kothari engraved his names on a list of icons, trailing in the footsteps of fellow citizens Geet Sethi and Pankaj Advani as having earned the crown.

He admires his parents the most….

Sourav, the 2018 World Billiards Winner, is blessed enough to have Manoj (also a former champion at Billiards Championship) and Neeta (former World Women's Billiards Championship, 2016 and a Bronze Medallist) as guardians who have been the greatest strength of this incredible Billiards hero.

Sourav Kothari parents- Manoj Kothari and Neeta Kothari

Finally! His plans for the future!

He said, “he had a mind to play world professional snooker cue school this year and he already started working hard under his father’s supervision and on his way to polish his skills to shine in future.” All the best !!

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