A fitness freak's freaking idea to revolutionize the fitness industry.

rashmi palande

A Distinguished Fitness Centre Opening The Doors To A Fauji-like Life

Most of us go to gym for working out and burning those extra calories. We do various strength training and muscle building workouts. While few people aim at weight loss, some look for improving their health and fitness. 
On the whole, gymming has become an integral part of everyone's lives. If a normal person's gym routine can impact his fitness levels greatly then how the military-like fitness routine be like? 

How Did The Thought Generate?

Rashmi Palande, hailing from a military background is a fitness enthusiast. Born and brought up in a military family, she has developed interest towards Fauji style fitness routine. Originally being an athlete, her 8 years of experience into the field of professional fitness made her set up an out and out military gym. Know More About Fitness Regiment

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At The Military Themed Gym-

Here are a few aspects that make this military-based gym stand apart from the regular ones. 

  1. Military Bootcamp - an intense process that challenges the physical and mental abilities of a person. 
  2. This fitness gym includes army drills like lifts, carries, crawls, runs, trucks, and swims. 
  3. Workouts are based on the principles of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 
  4. Action-packed activities like mountain climbing also are a part of the training programme. Such activities are built not only to test the grip and core strength but also to ensure the body and mind coordination. (Not any regular gyms would offer this) 
  5. Strength and functional training are included in the fitness routine. 
  6. The members are trained in martial arts making them self-defensive. 
  7. Trained instructors shoulder the fitness programmes. These trainers are inturn trained by the ex-military personnel.

Credibility Of The Founder :

Rashmi Palande, with 8 years of experience in the fitness industry and a lecturer of personal training, has topped the world's elite American College of Sports Medicine certification.

In A Class By Itself :

A one of its kind gym which was born out of a woman's mettle to make India fit and turn every civilian into a soldier has hit the market now. 
So, what is the second thought about? Play around with the weights and cardio machines at this intensive training zone and become as fit as a Fauji.

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