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Mysurean sets his SOUL on WHEELS. Makes a Mark on the International Circuit.

abdul wahid tanveer

Fascination with Bikes at a tender age of 5 or 6 is probably pretty normal with most BOYS of that age. Tanveer’s parents were perturbed initially to notice the little chappy watching every bike that passed-by and grabbed every opportunity to watch the races on TV or read the Newspapers and Magazines.

As a Teen

All he would do is talk, walk and discuss BIKES.. Taking night rides on the Rugged country side and the broad roads of Mysuru were the most thrilling moments for him. This is when he decided to turn his thrilling Rides into being a professional Biker.

Parents and Family

what was thrilling for Tanveer was certainly a night-mare for his parents. Each time their boy went on a ride they were on tenterhooks worrying about his safety.

Over a period of time they calm down and began to accept that they could change nothing by worrying but instead give their son their support to fulfil his dreams. Soon they too got involved and enjoyed seeing his son do something different and stood by his decision.

Love for his Partner

A Bike is more like a partner for a Racer or for that matter any Rider. Reading and learning about the mechanism of Bikes was his favourite pass time apart from knowing who is who on the circuit. He learnt the importance of ensuring that racing bikes need special tender care and must be maintained well at any cost.

Is it important for a Bike Racer to be physically fit?

If one feels that the Bike needs to be well looked after, the Rider needs more care. The Racer must be physically fit at all times. Inculcating good food habits, adequate sleep, timely exercises and stamina is equally important. Being FIT ! is absolutely necessary.

Achieved a great Milestone but many more miles to go !!!

Endurance, effort, concentration, physical fitness and keeping COOL is the key to success for Racers. Thant’s exactly what has made this young Man a star today. Thanks to TVS who has been generous, supportive and nurtured a great relationship with this promising talent.

Rightly so, Tanveer hasn’t let them down and has consistently made TVS proud. Tanveer has won the National Rally Championship and Super Cross Championship. The recently concluded “Bajaj Daker Challenge” in 2017 at Jaisalmer booked him a seat to the Merzouga Rally in Morocco.

International Debutant

Obviously anyone would be nervous and anxious being a debutant at the International Rally in Morocco. Tanveer prepared well and finished 27th at the competitions despite lack of exposure to the International circuit.

Continues to work hard

He is happy to be making steady progress and now is gearing up for more International races. Only hard work and dedication can help him reach his goals.

Credit goes to

He credits all his success to his parents who have been a great support and being with him during good and bad times. He is also grateful for the sponsors and especially to TVS for believing in him.

Book of is proud to feature his achievements and wish Tanveer good luck.

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