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The Only Indian Woman to participate in the 2018 Asian Taekwondo Championship in Mangolia.

varshita s n

How did it happen?

The tragic Nirbhaya Rape probably sent every woman in India into a terrible shock, surprise and angry to mention the least. Despite being accompanied by a guy and both being adults could this really happen? Even for anyone not even closely or remotely related to this incident shook them and in Delhi out came hoards of people to fight for justice.

Thinking of this horrendous incident just kept haunting Varshita’s Mom and that’s when she decided that she must get her to learn to defend herself and that’s how she enrolled her at the Taekwondo classes. Varshita’s parents assert that every Indian especially girl child must be equipped with self-defense abilities and it must be made compulsory in every school.

Winning began

Started as a 14-year-old teen,  this Art Varshita she without fail continued day in and day out and thoroughly enjoyed and moved on to qualify from White to BLACK Belt the highest rank. It was her coach who found her very good and sent her for a few competitions and in the last few years she has been bagging medals from State, Nationals and even against some of the best Asian stars and the tally is nearing 40 include Gold, Silvers, and Bronze.  Her recent competition at the 20th Senior World Taekwon-Do Championship held in Korea and she says she does better each time and learns a lot. She quips “Competing initially was never the motive and it just happened” but nevertheless she is excited to get some fame.

Is it a Career Option?

With the increasing demand for various Chinese Martial Arts, it is certainly a viable and a lucrative option as one can continue training others or starting one own’s academy. Youngsters day by day are doing what they are passionate about and thinking of different ways and means to earn a livelihood.

Fearless Approach

Varshita has a fearless approach to life and feels confident as she is armed with all the defense mechanism to face the world. Since she started, she admits that she has picked up some good leadership skills, learned a lot about patience, teamwork, discipline, determination and setting realistic goals and dreams big.

Funding a Big Question?

There is a tremendous improvement from the Government in the last couple of decades to improve the sports facilities, scholarships but a country like India that’s not enough as there are thousands of athletes to cater to. The burden definitely falls on the parents and it is almost impossible to fund the aspirations of their children. Her parents say that its such a good sport and would like to encourage their daughter to continue but have run out of steam. Being in the public view through newspapers and crowdfunding is a pretty good option too.

Help Needed.

Varshita is the only Indian woman from Bengaluru to be selected to take part in the upcoming 9th Asian Taekwon-Do ITF Championship to be held at Ullan Baatar, Mangolia from May 08th to 14th, 2018” and every Rupee or a Dollar will help her get their and she is desperate to bring laurels to the country. If interested click here on the crowdfunding link to help.

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