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Have you heard this? Raising funds for soldiers at 4?

tyler stallings

What does an eight-year-old child probably do? Watch shows on Netflix and play games, finishes his homework and gets to the playground. We have heard stories of child prodigies displaying some exceptional capabilities at a very young age. They show outstanding performance in the field of their interest and achieve much bigger than their age. It often comes as a surprise and the stories of such child prodigies gobsmack us. But how many instances have you seen when a child thinks about other people and wants to work for a cause? It surely leaves us open-mouthed when we see a kid's heart-melting for the brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the nation. It's very rare that a kid thinks of the welfare of retired soldiers and that rare thing happened with Tyler Stallings, a boy from Maryland. 

The Little Businessman: 

Tyler Stallings is an eight-year-old boy who resides in Maryland. While other kids were thinking of building houses with blocks and running around the house in toy cars at the age of 4, Tyler went to his mother and told her that he wants to start his own business. His mother was nearly shocked at what the boy spoke. But like every other parent, she didn't rule out the boy's words as kiddo's flauntings. She guided the boy and stood by him in whatever he wanted to do. Thus at a very young age of 4 years, Tyler thought of raising funds from his business to help the veterans. For this big thought made by his little brain, Tyler caught the attention of people from all over the world. He thus became the CEO of Kid Time Enterprises.

Superhero Created By a Real Superhero: 

"Tyler goes around the world at night". 

Wait. What? Goes around the world at night? Well!! That's what the superhero in Tyler's book does at nights. With the guidance of his mother Andrea Blackstone, Tyler co-authored a children's book. Authoring a book stood as the foundation and served as a means to create and involve in community projects - the basic lessons in entrepreneurship. Tyler Stallings is 8 years old and co-authored the book “Tyler Goes Around the World.” The book is about a superhero who flies around the world every night. This Kidpreneur and philanthropist collected funds from various sources like his business, the book and others to use it for the benefit of the veterans. Tyler raised additional money to prepare gift baskets as Easter gifts. He went on to donate hundreds of hygiene and grooming kits to the Armed Forces Retirement Home, located in the District of Columbia, and to a transitional home for homeless male veterans in Anne Arundel County called Patriot House. This is not all, he also organized several campaigns in favour of the veterans. 

The Little Philanthropist Recognized: 

Gov. Larry Hogan and Michael Pantelides, the former mayor of Annapolis, Maryland, have applauded Tyler for helping veterans and youth. Tyler was featured on WBFF FOX 45 as a Pay It Forward Winner; FOX 5 DC; WJZ- 13; WBAL- TV 11; and CTV in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Tyler is also a proud recipient of the President Barack Obama Service Award 2016. He was later acknowledged by Congressman André Carson who sent him the Congressional Recognition. For the work he did with the homeless in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland, Tyler became a GoFundMe Kid Hero in December 2018 and an Orioles Birdland Community Hero in April 2019. In October of 2019, he was honoured with "Spirit of America” citation by the VFW Auxiliary for exhibiting the true American spirit. Also, Tyler was featured in Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots in the March of 2018. He also received the Little Big Shots Humanitarian Award for Season 3 of the NBC television series. He later appeared on Mr Harvey’s new daytime talk show where he discussed his #1000bookgiveaway. Also, his first book was featured in the segment.

The Global Child Prodigy: 

Tyler Stallings received the Global Child Prodigy Award that recognizes children exhibiting extreme competency in their field of interest such as painting, modelling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. Tyler received the award for his social works. His name was also among the top 100 prodigies of the year. 

An Inspiring Little One: 

Tyler’s unique passion to support the veterans has inspired his mom and countless others. People started to support him by raising money and also by gathering items to support the veterans in need. He is a child who bubbles with energy all the time. Especially, amid the Covid crisis, Tyler's effort to support the retired brave men is receiving wide acclaim and praise.

“The reason why I call them hero bags, is because they are heroes, they’ve helped us.”, says Tyler. 

Tyler also became a hero by helping the heroes who once helped the country. What a thought at a very young age! The boy, who might not even know the spelling of a soldier properly at such a tender age, thought of their welfare and started to raise funds. Wah! Sometimes we fall short of words to appreciate. All we shall do is to wish this little boy lifetime of happiness and peace. 


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