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Gaurav becomes the SKATING HERO at the Special Olympics, U.S

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Gaurav a special needs child had a lot of challenges to face as a child. His parents were lucky to have found a beautiful school SOREM (Society for Rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged, Chandigarh) where every child had a smile on their face. This was truly the efforts of the school authorities to provide an environment and more so, the much-needed love, care, and patience.

How did Skating happen?

The school found that this little boy was over energetic and always wanted to run around and play in the sports ground. The sports facilities provided by the school are commendable which had invested on the equipment needed for special kids. The sports teachers would carefully observe each child to understand their passion and give them the equipment. Gaurav was provided with Skates and didn’t find it difficult at all. His parents started his training when he was 5 years old at the Bhavan Vidyalaya.

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Parents thrilled to bits.

His father Mr Singh was thrilled to bits and said that his child is a gift from God and he has done fabulously well for himself. He continues to work hard and is really dedicated and more importantly is thoroughly enjoying the sport. Mom too is happy that despite all odds her son strives hard to achieve his goals. It takes a lot of their time, effort and patience, which they are more than happy to give. The best part is that he is become more confident and brings so much joy to them.

Journey to the Special Olympics

In fact, Gaurav was very keen on his regular practice and never liked to miss even a single day. He has taken part in many local events and at the various state and national meets and always managed to grab a medal. The ten years of hard work was visible only when he represented the country in 2015 for the Special Olympics in the U.S. Gaurav took part in the 500M event to clinch the Gold with a timing of 1:39:35s.

Most Memorable moment for Gaurav

Wearing the Indian Jersey, the euphoria at the event, the feeling of butterflies in the stomach and finally making India proud with the tri-colour flag flying at the top and singing the national anthem was the most thrilling moment he says. He wants to continue to bring glory to his country.

Huge contribution towards the society.

Through his achievements, he has shown other special needs kids that they are no way inferior. Many have followed in his footsteps and many parents are encouraged. is happy to feature this gritty, gutsy youngster and wishes him many more feathers in his cap.

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