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Glory to the 10-Year-Old Who Reached Record - Breaking Heights in limbo Skating.

devi sri prasad

Like A Rolling Stone

Devi Sri Prasad may just be 10-years-old but he’s got talent that skyrockets through the roof. The boy is a marvel on roller skates - smooth and awe-inspiring. Devi Sri’s youth did not stop him from setting not one but four Guinness World Records for farthest Limbo Skating.

Hailing from Tirupati, the boy made history when he skated 115.60 meters under 60 SUVs in just 23.51 seconds. What was even more astounding was the fact that he could skate backward just as well as he could skate forward. Devi Sri, later, skated forward for 184 meters below bars and then backwards for 167 meters.

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The previously held record for backward skating has been just under 30 meters.

Limbo Skating

Limbo skating is a sport in which a person wearing rollerblades tries and skates beneath an obstacle like a horizontal pole without touching it. It requires a lot of flexibility and one has to balance the head inches over the ground.

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If there is a Will, there is a Way!

Devi Sri discovered his passion for roller skating when he was just 5. Over the years, his interest in the sport developed and when he was 7, he practiced, each day, for four hours straight - suffering bloody bruises and stinging cuts. He never gave up and he had the unceasing support of his family throughout.

bio imageDevi Sri comes from a family of meager means. His father Loknatham is a retired technical officer in the Panchayat Raj Department and his mother Devi is a modest home-maker. They could not afford a coach and hence were determined to train their son themselves.

The Andhra Pradesh government recognized his talent and extended their support financially. They offered 16 lakhs and the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh along with the assistance of the Acharya Nagarjuna University provided the logistical support.

The Olympic Dream

Devi Sri’s ultimate dream is to win a gold medal for his country at the Olympics. We hope the young achiever shines through and achieves his well-deserved goal.

The Many Achievements of Wonder Boy

Devi Sri has an unmatched talent. He has brought a lot of pride to his family and his dedication to the sport is pretty evident from all the glory and medals he has received. Following are the many titles the boy has won for himself!

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  • 4 Guinness records in Limbo Skating (2017)
  • 3 Gold medals in Open International Inline Skating (2013)
  • World record for non-stop Limbo Skating – 6 hours (2014)
  • Winner of National Championship in CBSE, RSFI, and FGFI (2015)
  • Awarded ‘The Honorary Doctorate’ from International University of Higher Martial Arts Education, USA (2015)
  • Extraordinary performance in 2016 for longest Limbo Skating -forward and backward- under 53 cars and bars of 8.25 inches each.


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