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The Pool watchman’s son, a 16 year old grabs 10 Medals at the 2017 Rescue India National Swimming Competitions.


Proud Father

Every father’s pride is to show their workplace to their kids and so was it for Trishul’s father Shivanna who was proud to take him to the Balavana Swimming Pool in Puttur where he was employed as a watchman. This didn’t  automatically provide Trishul the privileged or the eligibility to take a dip or learn to swim. However, the Pool authorities were kind enough to allow him to learn. 

Grabbed the Opportunity

His father didn’t allow this opportunity to slip by and made the full use of it. Trishul says if his father had not worked as a watchman at the Pool; he probably would never have been able to discover his talent or get an opportunity.  He started training when he was 9 years old and within a couple of years was ready for competition.  It was due to Niroop G R of RLSS (I) who spotted the talent got him into the sport. Also, under the guidance of his coach Rohit P, now represents PAC Puttur Aquatics Club and has been making steady progress. 

Pool, Beach  or Sea 

The competitions in various categories call for a high level of fitness, practice, and skill as there are so many events.  It is a combination of Manikin carry swims, beach running, beach flags, surfing and board races.

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In all three areas, Trishul is comfortable and competitive and grabbed the maximum attention when he ended his 10 Medal tally at the recently concluded National Rescue Championships, in Goa in 2017. 

A promising 16-year-old may well be the answer to India’s hope of a Medal if the Life-saving sport is included in the next Olympics 2024. In the meantime, Trishul is qualified for the World and other international championships. The RLSS (I) Rashtriya Life Saving Society holds competitions regularly. 

Never Easy

Trishul has been through tough times that has made him tougher.  He has been doing odd jobs to earn some money and volunteers at the pool too. Many a times, through Puttur Aquatic Club (PAC), the parents of other swimmers have come forward to support.  A PUC student of St Philomena’s College Puttur says “working hard, winning and qualifying for International competitions is in his hands, but to get to participate without funding or sponsorships is a difficult one”. If one wants to lend a helping hand to this promising youngster - contact 9482213019 or

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