School that takes NO FEES instead pays STIPEND to students. What's the concept ?

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At some point, everyone has the heart to help out the poor and needy. But there’s someone who went beyond his comfort zone and to an extent where he wanted to change lives and help the underprivileged.

Sridhar Vembu a 53-year-old Man, born in Tamil Nadu’s District called Thanjavur who is currently a CEO and the founder of Zoho Corporation. He graduated from IIT Madras in 1989 and continued his studies at Princeton University, New Jersey for an MS and PhD and he worked at Qualcomm in San Diego. He lived in and around the sound territory in California. Not long before the lockdown, Sridhar travelled back to his hometown to provide free schooling and food to children. His plan started with three kids and now has grown to four teachers and 25 students. With this Sridhar had begun the instructive startup to furnish kids with free tutoring and food. His proverb did not depend on grades, testaments, marks, or hypothetical information rather he was searching for abilities.

In the year 2019, Sridhar had set up his Zoho corporation world headquarters in Mathalamparai town in Tamil Nadu's Tenkasi region as he had purchased 4 sections of land. Sridhar is a man of his words, on the off chance that Zoho organization prevails in business, at that point he would contribute a great deal and spend the cash on youngsters' schooling in the town.

About Zoho:

Sridhar discovered AdventNet in the year 1996 to make programming frameworks. In 2009 he changed his organization's name to Zoho as there were advances from a product organization serving gear sellers to an online application supplier.

Zoho provides a single cloud platform with all the applications needed to run a business entirely from a cloud. It’s a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. They have developed over 40 apps, Zoho books, Zoho inventory, Zoho universities, etc. Sridhar believed that you didn't need to be in the metropolitan centre points to create top-notch items.

ZOHO have developed over 40 apps, Zoho books, Zoho inventory, Zoho universities, etc

Zoho has procured the qualification of being the primary programming item unicorn, and Forbes in 2019 esteemed Vembu's 88 per cent stake at $1.83 billion and it also detailed benefits of ₹516 crores on an absolute income of 3,410 crores. The organization professes to have 50 million clients internationally for its apps, the most recent of which was dispatched in the wake of the pandemic and is appropriately called Zoho Remotely.

Sridhar’s dream:

Due to the pandemic work from town has been a mission for Sridhar. His dream was to set up office centres in rural areas and have about 10 to 20 people work. Sridhar’s dream turned into a successful reality as Zoho has set up two rural offices in Tenkasi and Renigunta in Andhra Pradesh with 500 employees. Globally 9,300 employees are working. There are about 8,800 Indian based employees working out of non-urban India. Sridhar wanted his employees to live in a small town as it brings cross-fertilization of ideas. He plans to get beneficial things like mentoring and coaching as it would be a two-way trade. Since he planned to begin rustic activities, he had chosen to set himself up in the town as well.

Vembu starts his day at 4 am, as he does calls to the US. At 6 am he goes out for a long walk and on occasion, he swims in the village well, snake- spotting and even reading is part of his activities. After breakfast, he takes customer calls, stocks engineering projects, and reviews codes. After his work, he goes out to the fields to grow paddy, brinjal, tomato, okra, and also fruits like watermelon, mango, coconut, etc.

Sridhar Vembu After his work, he goes out to the fields to grow paddy

Shailesh Kumar Davey:

He is the co-founder and engineering head at Zoho. Shailesh says that Sridhar can catch trends very early and because of that he was able to make decisions early and they had closed their office two weeks before the government announced the lockdown.

Shailesh Kumar Davey co-founder and engineering head at Zoho

So that his employees could travel back safely without any chaos as the buses, trains or flights might be crowded. He's likewise left set for fabricating a multitude of architects—not those with customary degrees however that prepared in-house.

Zoho university started in the year 2004. Zoho schools do not take fees yet they train students with different skills and abilities. Students are paid a stipend of Rs10,000 for a two-year course.

Well, out of 9,300 employees there are about 875 students from Zoho school.

Abdul Alim was employed as a security guard at Zoho.  At the point when he was at his front counter dealing with the PC somebody saw he had an enthusiasm for programming. Later he joined Zoho school, moved on from that point, and now fills in as a programmer in the Zoho charts teams.

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A Zoho School product:

Saran babu Parsamasivam shares about his experience of how being a part of Zoho school transformed him. Back then in 2005 saran couldn’t operate a computer however now he is the senior product manager at Zoho. Saran claimed that at the beginning he did not have a degree and he was going through difficulties, but He was happy about how the society is changing, where a degree is not important. He has now travelled to various countries and has been associated with Zoho for 15 years. He also motivated his younger brother to join Zoho school, whereas he also has a job at Zoho corp now.

TV Mohandas Pai (Chairman of Arin capital):

He believes that creating job opportunities in rural areas is not practical, further, he states’s “Many young people wish to move to a big town or metro cities to get more opportunities. In a small town, there could be only one or two companies, there will not be 100 companies. So you’re stuck with the same company that pays you a certain amount of salary and compensation. In a big town, you can always change jobs, go to the highest bidder, make more money, and switch to three or four jobs in five years.” TV Mohandas also believes that India ought to put resources into more prominent urbanization.

Rajendran Dandapani (President, Zoho schools of learning):

Zoho school started with six students and two teachers and now it has increased to more than 800 students who have worked and graduated and most of them are employed at Zoho Corporation.

His son studied at Zoho schools and now has become an employee in the same company. He states that 90% of the students in Zoho are from Tamil Nadu.

The Zoho institute is established within the Zoho offices in Tenkasi. Due to this, students are exposed to the office environment. students in Zoho start Working at the age of 21 while others of a similar age would be still studying.

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