A motivational entrepreneur had turned tragedy into inspiration by bringing ‘GAON KA KHANNA’ in Assam.

hironmoy gogoi

Whenever we speak of an entrepreneur, we always presume that the individual must be above a specific age limit. Nevertheless, this young fellow proved this statement to be inaccurate by being the most youthful businessman throughout India's northeast region. hironmoy gogoi started his excursion, turning himself into a successful business person by building up his startup called MCH Technologies. He had been employed in several well-known organizations, including Ops Manager, Market Development Manager, Floor Leader, Team Leader, Quality Consultant, and V&A Mentor.

Hironmoy Gogoi, at age 22, has earned a great deal of praise and acknowledgement for his professional efforts as an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and the social idea of quickening the rural economy. So far, has many public honours.  He is among the most famous young idols in northeastern India. Only at the age of 18, Hironmoy even worked in Malaysia. He is right now chipping away at the web episodes 'Hopun Roshar Mon' to motivate youthful personalities. He is the creator of the very successful Assam Company GKK (Gaon Ka Khana), which is an enormous inspiration to rural livelihoods.

How Depression switched to inspiration!!

While he was only fifteen years, when he lost his senior sibling in a traffic crash, a couple of years after the incident, Hironmoy lost his mom, she had been sick for over ten years, notwithstanding the family's earnest attempts to spare her life.

It wasn't simple for Hironmoy to liberate himself from this misfortune. Without squandering further tears, he began tolerating whatever life tossed at him and confronting whatever he was presented with. There were several challenges to further research – family distress, uncertainty, and budgetary pitfalls. Yet he never lies with his dreams. Besides that, he never tried making these occurrences a reason for his life shortcomings. He changed over the greatest misfortune of his life into the best inspirational speaker when it came to satisfying his fantasies. For him, the desire to lead a remarkable life touched off the flash to turn into a business visionary.

He developed a strong fightback attitude in life to accomplish his objectives.

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Besides, he only tried to address real-world challenges by improving a sustainable economy to preserve a means of income for the young generation as a blessing through self-innovativeness. He accepted the challenge of scale-up a business with deficient assets. With this mission and heaps of thoughts as a primary concern, he established Gaon Ka Khana (GKK). This food startup that takes online requests from metropolitan regions and delivers ethnic food made by provincial ladies.

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A Startup Glimpse!!

MCH Technologies was the primary startup that he established. It was the main global BPO from NE to chip away at numerous projects for international customers, however, due to poor broadband communication network across Assam, he endured; voice snapping issues during our gainful hours on the floor. In this way, he inevitably made it a virtual startup and began to run numerous initiatives directly from global customers, which he subcontracts to various locations around India. They are likewise, offering web design services and visual computerization.

Idea matters, not investment!!

Hironmoy's theories have been his greatest asset. GKK was a trial task to assess whether it's plausible to improve and build up a great business with the least speculation or not. The thought was to pass on the message that business isn't just about speculations (investments), It is likewise about finding the correct thought by distinguishing the correct market needs and afterwards dealing with it, as per one's capacities.

Hironmoy Gogoi Idea matters, not investment

Hironmoy's organizational expertise and willingness to market have motivated him to plan his tycoon path.

Hironmoy expressed, "Individuals, particularly in Assam, have a misinterpretation that business is about enormous speculations without which we can't live."Yet, Hironmoy refutes it. He began GKK with just ten rupees close by and guaranteed the ideal utilization of assets accessible to us."

GKK primarily operates alongside two major sections, notably.....GKK Natural, which engages the farmworkers, and GKK Mondita Snack, which is exclusively for fortifying ladies’ aptitudes across provincial Assam. The principal expectation is Mission 3000+, which implies the startup is buckling down towards producing more than 3k occupations in provincial and semi-metropolitan regions to engage them monetarily. GKK is growing to six locales in Assam and soon it will enter the public market.

Message via ‘Web series’……

"Hopun Roshar Mon," a web episode pointed towards propelling Assam's youth to make progress throughout everyday life and advance business enterprise across North East.

Moving towards a dream…..

He is glad to incorporate GKK in the winner list of “Home Grown Business of the year 2017 in New Delhi given by Entrepreneur Magazine, co-facilitated by Franchise India in media organization with ET Now and upheld by Startup India."

He is eager to overhaul himself each spending day.

Hironmoy is on his path to achieve his promise by stepping forward as an inspiring host, visionary, author, wellness model, and artist. He accepts if somebody has not taken a stab at anything new, at that point, you have not carried on with the simple life till now.

Words to youth!!

"Tiny commitment with a bigger goal" is what Hironmoy intends to express to young people as his inspirational words. He added, "To begin with from wherever you are, with whatever you have, with whomever you can begin your journey, and simply let the excursion start. The world will require you one day if you don't surrender and never undermine your fantasies. Try not to live a dread, carry on with daily existence. Try not to be de-motivated by what you didn't achieve yet; centre on what you actually can."

He believes, Entrepreneurship is the fate of India and, it is searching for a young age to take an interest and contribute their best to the nation.

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