With a zeal for wellness, a desire to make nutritious food, yet affordable to millions became his mission.

vijay p.k mangam

Everybody emphasizes the power of being physically fit.  Be that as it may, it is similarly essential to combine your endeavors with a decent eating routine to be at your best. Do you know that approximately 80 percent of heart disease and stroke can be avoided by your diet and propensity? It incorporates eating healthy foods and being genuinely dynamic.  Evidence and study have demonstrated that what we eat, how we sweat, and how we breathe and communicate can impact our psychological wellness. Understanding the realities, Vijay P.K Mangam, a Metallurgist (the U.K., Managing Director at Bhanu castings (India), and a Founder at Ravioli, who stepped up to the plate showed the breathtaking drive in spreading information. Inevitably he turned out to be exceptionally enthusiastic about smart dieting in the wake of finding out about the astounding association between nourishment in food and wellbeing.

Vijay P.K. Mangam, MBA, MS (UK), Accredited Precision dietitian (Canada), is an engineer with a history in education and business experience. When living in the U.K., he struggled mentally and physically from a shortage of accessible, safe, and sufficient food. A short time later, he understood, that when provided with appropriate direction, food will do magic for the human body and even recover from illnesses or health issues.

"path OF thousand MILES begins WITH a SINGLE Move"

His mission is to inspire millions to eat well, stay active, and have a balanced life regardless of their occupation or workplace culture. Hence he makes Ravioli Fit Foods as a one-stop look for sound food, sustenance, and wellness discussion.He concluded, "Each individual is one of a kind with a journey to wellbeing is special."

Ravioli Fit Foods

His pretty bold claims!

At ravioli, they carefully examine present dietary and workout behaviors before customizing an executable strategy for the client. As Vijay pointed out,"The part of our splendid body-machinery has different nutritional requirements at a particular time so Ravioli assessment comes with proper guidance."

Celebs in favor of  Ravioli fit foods……

Even though counsel is optional at Ravioli, a significant number of his customers, including superstars, want to begin their excursion at ravioli under the guidance of a professional nutritionist and workout specialist.

Lakshmi Manchu - Celebs in favor of  Ravioli fit food

The Ravioli chief’s special care towards nutrition and health…..

Ravioli culinary experts utilize comprehensive plans and imaginative meal prep techniques to get ready flavorful and nutritious suppers dependent on customer's inclinations, tastes, and dietary limitations. Consistently, food is cooked and delivered in proper hygiene and a comfortable environment.

Mangam’s tip of the day! “Workout, a basic medication for the human body.”

Vijay explained, “While food is a necessary fuel, exercise is an essential medicine for the human body.” At ravioli, fitness experts can design exercise regimens for individuals based on fitness goals.

No dieting, yet healthy eating!

No proof eating 1500-2500 calories of nutritious food alone without any workout could assist people with living longer. It is essential to have a solid eating routine.

Ravioli fit individual food coaches…..

Ravioli's service arrives with diet logs, fitness bands, and lots of affection and attention to help customers beating dietary temptations or tedious habits. Vijay’s Meal Planning involves 'The craft of getting a lot of yummier and healthier food daily.' ........At Ravioli everyone may pick a diet plan or build a new healthier eating routine.

"Zero cooking! No artifice at all! Freshly prepared daily! Say yes to organics! Ravioli service is given free of charge to customers who prefer Ravioli consulting, Ravioli menu packages & its workout schedule.

Ravioli Vijay’s Meal Planning.jpg

Client's favorites….." Ravioli Ncold juices."

Ravioli offers new and standard Cold Pressed juices with no added sugar or additives to regularly detox. Mr. Vijay Mangam of Ravioli Fit Foods did his best by conveying Ncold liquids to the genuine legends.

Road to healthiness....... Lower lumbar pain, stressful conditions are two of the most prevalent problems the community has faced. The Ravioli team recommends applications/training courses to help tackle the issues at hand.

Thinking of the benefits of Ravioli......

Credentialed nutritionists offered at ravioli offer guidance to individuals or families and help to reduce the chances of getting heart problems or asthma, elevated blood pressure, or whatever other ailments that patterns in the family.

Mission to upgrade Nutritional value …….

Considering initial evaluation, ravioli nutritionists will recognize environmental, metabolic, and other variables that generate health issues a customer encounter.  Consequentially, Ravioli imparts awareness of food and nutrition along with consultation and continues giving food components training.

“Fitness comes first,” he said …….

Vijay Mangam gives wellness specialists counsel at Ravioli on essential wellness and exercise program structure for wellbeing and weight of executives and additionally athletic execution. Ravioli wellness specialists incorporate clean eating, sufficient rest, stress the executives, a lot of hydration, and run work blended in with cardio on interchange days to upgrade fat consumption.

Ravioli Fitness Counselling

His Vitamin supplement team expert ……

Vijay accepts that advanced medications frequently lead to an awful symptom. He said, "Taking medicines without counsel from experts can have irreversible impacts.” That is the reason at ravioli he carefully accomplishes more exploration on different brands and watching out the reviews upon application of nutrients that are market commons.

Vitamin & Supplementation Counselling

Food & Grocery selection aspects……

As indicated by Vijay Mangam, "food and shopping for food may appear perhaps the most effortless task. However, the excursion wellbeing & safety begins with food shopping ".  Discussion on food and primary food item determination will enable one to realize what food items to pick, where to choose, how to understand marks, which choices to select, and which nourishment to evade.

Food & Grocery selection

Talking about Workplace Wellness experiences…..

The Ravioli team provides Occupational Fitness Programs/presentations that assist workers in their attempts to minimize health hazards, improve overall health and, boost professional productivity. He said that there are tons of material accessible online. However, a lecture by professionals in person can have an immense effect on data retention.

Last but not least!  A quick brisk with Vijay Mangam…

How large is the lunch to be? Ravioli meals are served single and wrapped separately with the goal that you can without much of a stretch get a Ravioli feast box wherever you go.

Is your food served frozen?  Upon this, he said, 'Ravioli meals are cooked freshly every day and served in that way only.’

For what reason would it be advisable for me to attempt Ravioli nourishments?.....And he mentioned, 'Our nutritionists and culinary experts cooperate and get ready solid and flavorful suppers for you anytime, and the best part is, there is NO shopping, cooking or cleaning required to expend nutritious and delicious food.’

He stated at the end, "Nothing is said to be a wonder diet, and only a healthy eating style can do wonders. So Skip the detox, guy! Only consume nutritious stuff. Eat healthy “N” Stay Healthy!

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