Meet the man who once had nothing to eat but has become a successful entrepreneur now.

kailash chandra patra

Nothing is permanent in life. If you are experiencing hardships, just sit back and tell yourself that it's not forever. Don't have food to eat today and a shelter to live?  Just tell yourself that "You" are there and "you" can get everything right on to your desk if you just apply your smartness giving it a tinge of perseverance and grit. That's what Kailash Chandra Patra from Odisha has exactly done. A farmer's son who tasted bitter poverty now became the most successful entrepreneur

A Successful Businessman:

If you belong to Odisha, you must have definitely heard of Patra Electronics, a prominent destination for all quality electronics and consumer durables. With its extensive product range from various brands, Patra Electronics ensures a complete shopping experience. Located in Bapuji Nagar, Patra Electronics promises quality products and services to their customers with customer satisfaction as their main agenda. The company has tie-ups with almost all the big electronic brands and its 22 branches have generated a turnover of Rs. 250 Cr in the last financial year. Who is the one behind such a successful venture? 

Patra Electronics promises quality products and services to their customers with customer satisfaction as their main agenda

Kailash Chandra Patra - The Son Of A Helpless Farmer: 

Kailash Chandra Patra, the owner of Patra Electronics and the one who owns an Rs.250Cr company, once experienced a living close to death. Born to a small farmer, into a family living below the poverty line in Odisha, Kailash has seen poverty at a very tender age. Kailash's father, who couldn't pay his debts abandoned his seven children along with his wife. With nothing in their hands but hope for a better future, the family started living in the small, poor hut. Kailash thought that education is the only way to get rid of poverty and earn a decent living. So he resolved to be educated come what may. He started taking tuitions and saved money for further education. When a good Samaritan helped him by giving free accommodation, Kailash went to Cuttack to pursue his higher education. He continued taking tuitions while studying. Once he completed his education, Kailash got a job with an electrical turnkey project contractor for a monthly pay of Rs.2000. Though the pay wasn't sufficient for supporting his big family and though the owner's behaviour was far from decent with his employees, Kailash continued to work there for two years. But when things went beyond control and when his self-respect seemed to diminish, Kailash quit the job and joined as a sales executive in a medicine company. He wanted to start something on his own but couldn't figure out how. So, he worked as a sales executive for one year and left it owing to no job satisfaction. He then worked for four more years in an electronics trading company and once he pooled up the courage to start his own venture, he quit the job there. 

All From The Scratch: 

Kailash quit his job and decided to start a venture in electronic trading, as he is quite experienced in the field. He initially rented a 40sq.ft. shop with a rent of Rs.300 per month. With no money to invest in the business, he didn't buy any expensive electronic goods but started with utilities like a TV antenna, booster devices, etc. He bought them from a large electronics store nearby with his emergency savings and sold them at his shop in Dolamundai, Cuttack.

"I always wanted to do something of my own. Doing something big and innovative was always my ideology. My happiness has always been in creating additional value for the customers and serving them.”- Kailash told in an interview. As the TV set was trending back then in the 2000s, Kailash's business geared up in less time. He could save money and eventually scaled up his business shifting it to an 80sq.ft shop. His entire savings of Rs. 6000 were spent in paying the advance for the shop. 

The Rising Graph:

Kailash's good relationships with the distributors of electronic goods and his smartness of doing business gave him good sales and slowly he started stocking TV sets. With increase sales and profits, he could grab a business loan of Rs. 2,00,000 from the Allahabad Bank. He thus went on to establish a chain of big electronic stores at Badambadi, Cuttack and the rest is history. 

What a journey from a poor hut to crore-bagging turnover. Kailash's story is just a way to say, "Take a risk and the reward comes your way."

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Man in a hut became an entrepreneur with a turnover of Rs.250Cr. Take a risk he says

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