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The whole experience of a story is such that it allows for your imagination to run wild. It grants you an escape and makes everything seem a lot more interesting.

Storytelling is an art that not many can master but for those who have, the next problem lies in finding a way to get published. Not all writers see their work on paper. Most of them publish their work on personal blogs that reach only a limited number of audience.

This called for a requirement to bridge the gap between readers and writers, to bring them all together under one space where they can together enjoy a great story! This was how Kahaniya was born.

What is Kahaniya?

Kahaniya is the Hindi term for stories. It is a platform which tries to instil fiction by way of regional language. In the age of storytelling and digital communication, many of us consume English on a primary level. What Kahaniya does differently is that it provides a snuff-box of collected short stories and poems by various authors in different regional languages.

Writers can compose stories in 11 languages namely - Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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This is so because when it comes to literature and education, there is a massive hole in the availability of regional language. A lot of people consume regional content online but there was no particular platform to bring them all together – which is how this website came to be.

Keeping in mind the short attention span of readers today, Kahaniya focuses on stories that can be consumed within 15 minutes.

Today, the platform has some of the best Telugu authors. Writers of the stature of Sri Ramana and Khadir Babu are part of this big family of storytellers.

The TEAM behind Kahaniya

Now coming to the brains behind the whole operation. Our achievers are none other than a handful of dedicated and creative individuals who came together in 2012 and felt the need to bring together readers and writers from all walks of life.

Kahaniya was launched in 2016 by Pallav Bajjuri, Devendar Gona, Jeswanth Padooru and Sandeep Ponagandla.

We have –

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What Kahaniya offers

If you love reading, then this is the place for you to discover some of the best fiction in your regional language and an opportunity to connect with your favourite author.

If you can weave stories out of thin air, then this is the place for you to get published, have an audience, and make money on your own terms! – Yes you heard that right!

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