Time for a change to a healthy lifestyle. A successful start-up sources directly from 50000 farmers to bring fresh produce to the doorstep.

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‘New beginning of Zama Organics creating a new vision.’

The organic food trend is already gaining popularity in India over the last several years. Farm owners' supermarkets are also on the spot for nearly ten years by various committed customers. Shriya Naheta, creator and CEO of Zama Organics, discusses how she has taken her organic nutrition company to the front line with a 'purchase organic, consuming organic’ tag in India. Zama Organics is the newest participant in the growing body across India. Recently initiated by a  25-year-old Mumbai born, Shriya Naheta, successfully created an organic food platform in 2020 featuring fresh organic veggies such as lettuce leaves with tropical vegetables from her organic farm.

Shriya Naheta, a budding businesswoman is determined to establish an ecological system for natural (organic)food collaborating with farmworkers and end-users. Shriya propelled Zama Organics in late 2017 and started to convey organic products and flavors in Mumbai. With a system of more than 50,000 farmworkers across India. For a fresh beginning, sources produce from indigenous areas were dark rice and tea originate from Assam, avocados production in Northeast or South India, mangoes, dark pepper, and turmeric produced in the  Konkan belt, and even including tribal to their group for items like Himalayan pink salt and morel mushrooms.

Zama Organics with a system of more than 50,000 farmworkers across India

A Moment of sudden inspiration……

Shriya Naheta relocated to India in 2015, shortly after finishing foreign affairs and business studies at the University of Southern California, LA. At the same time, her elder sister, Aditi, and Prateek, with her business partner, was exploring India to purchase counterfeit products for their forthcoming restaurant, Masque. She went along with them on their outings across Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh.

What she saw was incredible…locals were eating dark rice, red rice, and chia seeds. Each excursion was unexpected to Shriya in the wake of watching discover a new thought of acquiring natural food in India. She said, 'Why are we so much dependent on imported produce when we could have occasional, nearby and natural?'

An inclination towards an “Organic plan of action”……

Shriya toured a variety of farms, mainly organic farms, for one and a half years. While exploring Indian farms she traveled down to the end in search of organic farms to understand them from the base. She intended to grasp the method of credentials successfully.

Shriya toured a variety of farms, mainly organic farms, for one and a half years

"When we are organic, we should eat organic as well, then what do we do instead”?

Her experiences with local farmers have taught her the advantages of organic farming. She noticed that organic agriculture resulted in better quality, increased soil fertility, and a variety of vegetables grown as a product of multiple crop rotation. Shriya explains that perhaps the company had to reinvest in motivating and educating clients to realize the advantages of organic produce. She notes that now the method is underway in COVID-19, which encourages consumers to buy healthy food.

Product launching at marketplace......

Her fundamental point is to help individuals comprehend the roots of their food and where it's developed, how it got to them and when the perfect season is to eat it. Shriya began with small orders from loved ones utilizing WhatsApp. These natural foods will be supplied to their residences in under 24 to 30 hours of harvesting. Quality was consistently and still is on her first concern, so if something didn't fulfill her guidelines, she terminates it further. She stated, “Our customers comprehended and valued that."

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Zama organic on mobile apps….

Shriya has developed an online marketplace platform that will offer all organic items for cooking purposes, ranging from spices to grains to fresh veggies, including door-to-door delivery options. Presently, she's serving over 200 to 300  daily.  She said, "We're not a premium label with imported products, although we have maize, tomatoes, and turmeric as a few as Zama's top sellers."  Last October, they chose to deliver some Diwali blessing hampers. She expected around 100 requests, yet shockingly, she wound up with 800. Shriya likewise found a sweet spot with nearby cafés endeavoring to make manageable menus; it was an opportunity to work together with similarly invested accomplices. Zama Organics were at that point serving Masque and began working with well-known restaurants, and home culinary experts in 2018.

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Healthier food consumption……

The additional advantages of organics drove Shriya to enter the Indian natural food showcase, which came to $69 million in deals in 2019, as indicated by a US Department of Agriculture report. The market was assessed to additionally ascend by 12 percent to $77 million out of 2020. Impelled by a flood popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, India planning to bring more organic platforms in the coming years with powerful possibilities.

Future targets……..

Shriya is on her way to developing several organic platforms that deliver fresh food directly from farm to home, alongside learning different methodologies that will enable farmers on the field.  She is also on her way in setting up a foundation, where one percent of the proceeds from Zama Organics sales will go towards disaster relief and training for farmers.

Shriya aimed to create an innovative tech-enabled company with the implementation of checks and processes to improve overall processes that will eventually benefit not only farmers but all customers.

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