Electric Bike for just 20,000 produced by a Delhi Entrepreneur.

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Can one imagine that even today crores of people in India still can't afford a decent TV ? Leave alone vehicles. This Company Detel understood the needs of the customers and that's how Yogesh Bhatia founded the company in Gurgaon, India. Detel is a Consumer-based electronic Brand, which is involved in developing low-cost technologies. Detel has launched 2 years ago, but the people in Detel have gained 25 years of experience in the same field and then joined hands together to form Detel. Their main focus will always be on customer requirements, market scenario, and affordable products.

One of The Best Products Detel is produced by making multiple types of research is Electric Bikes, which costs only Rs.20,000. The affordability of this bike is top of the roof.

Nothing comes easy right? The same applies here too. Detel didn't develop this affordable electric two-wheeler in just one go. They started off with a plan of converting bicycles into Electric Bikes by attaching a motor. But unfortunately, this idea proved to be expensive. So Detel stopped working with the bicycles and started ground research to understand what the user wants in an electric vehicle. So the team of 16 members found out that Affordability and Safety is what the users want. After continuous research for the solution, they started to develop an electric vehicle which would go at low speed, affordable and have features of a cycle. They launched the product, an Electric Two wheeler named Detel EV(easy) and priced it Rs.19,999.

Electric Two wheeler named Detel EV(easy) and priced it Rs.1,999

Wonder how they produced such a Low-Cost Electric Vehicle. ?

Here’s the answer, the Electric vehicle is powered by 250-watt Electric Motor, and the max speed of the vehicle is only 25 Km/hr. It has a 48 volt Lithium-ion battery that takes 7-8 hours to charge using a domestic power supply. It can cover 60 km on one full charge.

As the vehicle’s top speed is only 25 km/hr, users of this moped like scooters do not require Drivers license. As we all know vehicles that go between 25-35 km/hr don’t require license or registration. This gives an advantage to youngsters to ride this bike and get the responsive feel of being an adult. The point which has to be noted here is that even when there is no requirement for a license, one must wear a helmet for their own safety.

Wonder how Detel produced such a Low-Cost Electric Vehicle

This moped like the scooter is attached with pedals too. In case the power runs out or the user forgets to charge the Electric vehicle and on the journey the Electric vehicle stops, user can use the pedals to reach their destination, as the Electric vehicle weighs only 59 kgs including the battery. Hence it is easy to pedal. The Electric vehicle is equipped with a drum braking system and a second seat at the back for the pillion rider. Detel has actually developed an environmental safe vehicle, which is very dutiful towards mother Earth.

Eco Friendly indeed.

The founder of Detel, Yogesh Bhatia believes that on the factors like accelerating petrol prices, stringent emission norms and growing awareness towards the environment is starting to gain momentum in the Electric Vehicle Industry in India.

In addition to it, the Delhi CM launched a new Electric Vehicle Policy that is aimed at boosting the economy, reducing pollution levels and generating employment in the city. He strongly believes that consumption of the Electric Vehicles will go up now more than ever.

More products and expansion plans?

Apart from Electric vehicles Detel primarily deals with Mobile phones and Televisions in India. Detel recently launched World’s Most Affordable TV, priced at Rs.3999. Detel’s vision is to connect to crores of people of India who still don’t have access or to afford a TV or a Mobile phone. Keeping Affordability in consideration, they launched a mobile phone costing just Rs.299 last year.

This firm’s wish is to not compete against any brand either MNC or Local. Their main focus is on carving a separate space in the market for their products. As a result of their firm’s Dedication towards customer satisfaction, it was and still a Grand Success. The secret to their success is their vision. Their philosophy is to always try to bridge the gap between Desirability and Affordability. As a testament to their Vision they also recently launched the world’s most affordable 19-inch Television.

Detel will be launching a lot of new products in other categories too. This firm is going to take up their Business to the next level; their products will be available across South Asian Markets within this year.

While they are taking the firm to an international level, in India the new norms for FDI formulated by the government have created a win-win situation for Detel in both online and offline channels. Detel has a very strong footing in Northern and Southern India, they believe that they would reach the Eastern and Western India very soon.

Yogesh says “Likewise, each of our products is developed focusing on one simple question-what value will it make in the life of consumers? We follow this approach for all our products and Success Follows”.

One can purchase Detel’s products directly through apps or website. Apart from that, they keep adding retailers, it’s again a win-win, it contributes to our economy too.

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