Bengaluru youth created a website to provide correct information on the availability of Covid19 Beds.

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When COVID 19 reports began flooding in Bengaluru, we came across numerous reports from sufferers not receiving medical clinic beds or being refused care. The genuine number of emergency clinic beds saved for COVID 19 patients is far less than what the Bangalore government claims. Withstanding this, the government claimed to have sufficient COVID beds throughout the city. It was imperative to address inappropriate information since COVID helplines were alluding to similar information when reacting to calls from patients. After hearing such news via online media a youthful responsible citizen of Bangalore Santosh Doddaiah, who effectively took an interest in a survey to audit reports of BBMP complete bed check at a private emergency clinic. After his research, he understood that BBMP and the state Health Department managed to figure out about just 10-20% of the city's private medical clinic beds instead of fifty percent. Santosh Doddaiah gauged there were approximately 2000 private emergency clinic beds generally for COVID patients now, however the BBMP site claimed to have more than 11,000 beds.

Covid Beds

Santosh Doddaiah, 25 years old, launched when he discovered that the state's statistics regarding the COVID emergency bed were incorrect. He has been guiding people with appropriate information and is now providing therapy and ambulance benefits as well. Shekar Hospital, Bull Temple Lane, provided two beds for COVID victims, however, the BBMP site asserted they had saved 30 beds. Chris Superficiality Hospital was under development. At the point when he called Rajarajeshwari Medical College, they asked me Rs 50,000 ahead of time.

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Covidbeds website

The Soul spark incident..…

Toward the beginning of July, Santosh went over the updates on a COVID-positive lady who was in earnest need of hospitalization. She was initially rejected by Sixteen medical clinics due to the lack of emergency beds. Even so, on the webpage, the government asserted they had adequate beds. In search of reality, he did some exploration and afterwards began calling medical clinics recorded on the site, around 140 of them.

Realizing the gravity of the situation….

He was surprised to discover that numerous medical clinics were not fully equipped to accommodate COVID cases. On the other hand, maternity and dental emergency clinics needed more staff to handle COVID cases. Then, the administration kept on asserting an overstated bed tally. Along these lines, he examined the overview results and arranged a report of medical clinic beds by July 5, 2020. He was attempting to figure out how to get this data to arrive at both the administration and people in general. At the point when he saw Public TV announcing in Malleshwaram, he went up to them and enlightened them regarding his survey. They requested Santosh to present call records that he arranged from the medical clinics, as evidence. Santosh shared a few call records along with a snapshot video detailing everything he discovered.

Santosh had expected that the public Television news headline might inspire the governments to act, yet nothing changed. But he tried to confirm with both the clinics on a routine basis to post the details to give an away from individuals needing beds, so they didn't need to sit around idly calling up or asking for bed from one hospital to another.

The website and team-work mission begins….

Santosh understands the need for teamwork to achieve his goal. So he began dialing numbers. Above all else, he called his school companion Mohammed Sulaiman and requested his assistance to assemble a site with the aim that they could routinely refresh bed status and give the right contact numbers to COVID patients. He developed the site quickly in just two days.

"" Viral in social media.

Santosh had licensed a domain. Afterward, they posted their webpage facility online on July 9 (much earlier to BBMP launched the  COVID emergency Bed State (CBHS) on their platform and began refreshing their report). Eventually, his school friend, Ankit Dubey, decides to assist them in their project. Santosh and the group additionally used to check the accessibility of ICU and ventilator beds, and promote the data on their Facebook page and Twitter. Santosh assists with different hospitals for bed stats, and Sulaiman deals with the web portal. Santosh began to follow Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar, Deputy Chief Minister C N Ashwath Narayan, and MP Tejasvi Surya on his Facebook and Twitter posts, expecting that they would fix the incorrect statistics. Yet,  there was no reaction.

Gathering information on the webpage……

BBMP launched CBHS in late July. As long as the retired BBMP Commissioner B H Anil Kumar posted emergency beds info on Facebook, the website collapsed yet only got up after 3-4 days. In the meantime, Santosh with his team kept gathering info. The moment the BBMP webpage updated online, Santosh was stunned to see the rundown of private medical clinics and the bed statistics. BBMP was professing to have more than 300 private medical clinics, which was not exact.

His voiceover videos awaken citizens…..

Santosh found that simply refreshing our site with bed information was insufficient. He used to get calls from individuals freezing about gentle side effects. So his group made an illustrative video which gives data on what one ought to do if they are unwell or test positive for COVID, and whom they should contact. Avnidhar Havaldar of Namma Radio gave the voice-over on "" purpose, and soon they viral the same on their web page as well site just like a YouTube video.

youtube video

Santosh then began accepting loads of inquiries and henceforth connected with volunteers for further help. That is the point he got into touch with Mohammed Mateen and Gopi Badipuram. At Present, they all are cooperating as a group. Mission accomplished via Ambulance on Whatsapp and Free counselling.……

Santosh with his partners has unveiled two new programs that are:  Ambulance on WhatsApp and Complimentary Counselling. WhatsApp ambulance helps customers to order an emergency service van by submitting their information to the WhatsApp chat 76-10-81-08-48.

'A responsible citizen contributes to strengthening the country.'

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