Rag-pickers and consumers connected via a Recycler App by a 13 YO receives the 2020 Diana Award.

freya thakral

The Diana Award was created in 1999 in memory of the late Princess Diana, to acknowledge the social works and helpful endeavors of youth over the United Kingdom (UK) and around the globe. The honor is provided by the Diana award charity and is sponsored by the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex in the United Kingdom.

The Diana Award comprises 13 members of the “judging panel” from the United Kingdom and “three jurors” from other nations with each body representing the school or teen job career and the sector or government. Assignments are decided by rules and scoring guides that have been made to gauge the nature of youth social activity. It's based on the nominee’s 5 pointer contribution – vision, social impact, the capacity to inspire, youth leadership, service.


Princess Diana
Princess Diana

The 13 YO takes home the 2020 Award..

Freya Thakral, an understudy at The British School, New Delhi, has been coveted with The Diana Reward for her charitable activities. Freya was added to the list of  “roll of honor” on Princess Diana's birth anniversary on July 1st, 2020.

Freya’s awarded "Recycler App" interfaces clients with trash handlers as a measure to help the rag pickers of Delhi. Her Recycler App is a smartphone software application that directly links consumers to trash handlers. The administration through the application is furnished in the south Delhi district with plans to reach out to different parts of the city to change the lives of the ragpicker network.  The application likewise claims to be beneficial for trash handlers…..whose profit is normally low and are powerless against health conditions attributable to unsafe waste management.

Recycler App  Logo

Freya's excursion started in Delhi……

After communicating to most of Delhi's half a million underpaid and impoverished garbage pickers – many of whom are teenagers – Freya started to campaign for reform by providing an efficient recycling program. Freya's enthusiasm for helping people in her society has helped her focus on the socio-economic challenges endured by certain communities and the value of schooling for the success of a young adult.

Motivated by the desire to change the lives of Delhi's garbage-picking population…

Freya Thakral has created a mobile application that focuses on “a doorstep” reuse business. This youth research on environmental sustainability is a significant addition to meeting the UN-mandated environmental sustainability, Targets of poverty relief, development, housing, balanced use, and climate change.

Earning appreciation by CEO…..

Tessy Ojo, CEO of The Diana Award praised Freya Thakral on her achievement, who also earned the title of "change-producers" at 13 years age. They motivate more youngsters to engage in their networks and start their excursion as dynamic residents. For more than twenty years, the Diana Award has supported and engaged in youngsters, inspiring everyone to continue to create significant improvements in respective societies and the futures of others.

Tessy Ojo - CEO of The Diana Award
Tessy Ojo - CEO of The Diana Award

Getting this honor Freya Thakral influenced more youngsters to engage in humanitarian networks and they can start their excursion as dynamic residents," said Tessy Ojo.

There's nothing more remunerative than giving back or bringing slight improvement in the miserable lives of rag-pickers. Freya is working on the App reaching across the country.

Great achievement. We should celebrate all the young people who make an effort to try and change the world.

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