AIR Cooled Helmets for Easy Breezy Comfy Rides in Summer.

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Getting to know this ‘cool’ man

Meet PK Sundararajan of AptEner Mechatronics and the founder and CEO of the BluArmor range of bike and scooter gears under its hat. Every genius idea deserves a pat on the back and before the entrepreneur in PK would go ahead in executing the idea, it had to be first assessed if the product would be market compatible.

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He took a peep into the market and realized that the two-wheeler riders were a ruling market in the world, with hours on the road, riding through extreme weather conditions and pollution. Wearing a helmet in the harsh weather can get extremely uncomfortable and hard. Through BluArmor, PK revamped the concept of helmets that was only restricted to the idea of protection - to a ‘cool’ concept!

Birth of the ‘cool' ing concept

AptEner Megatronics is a Bangalore based startup and it's helmets are under the name of BluArmor, an idea thebluarmothat has made great connections on the roads of India and overseas too, ever since it was started a couple of years ago. PK also shared what the company continues to work on to date, and how recently the company has generated significant funds and how he visualizes great things in store for the future of BluArmor.

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The company lives by its motto - “Build in India, Make for the world;” and with the product, BluSnap, which was successfully sold in India and many other countries has earned 1.4 million dollars of funds for the advanced helmets and also to spread to a wider market in domestic and international pastures.

How did the genius Idea go on floor?

PK is a B.Tech graduate in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras and went onto to secure a PhD from Santa Barbara, California. He had the support of a multifaceted team consisting of professors with mechanical design expertise and leading designers of the consumer industry. Not to forget, a few passionate bikers that  are instrumental behind the BluArmor brand who ensured that the product was tested well before hitting the market.

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PK always aspired to provide comfort that would be unparalleled through the BluArmor range of world-class products. He observed that the riders of two wheelers do not feel as comfortable as the people on four wheels. They miss the climate control, defogging among other luxuries, which a four wheeler driver does have. With this company PK wanted to address the age old gap and use this pioneer of ‘Cooling’ bike accessories. He conceived a novel idea of providing comfort to the riders in the country and across the world.

Now that’s a smashing idea ! Bye - bye uncomfortable bike rides..

Who doesn't want to have a dust free and a cushy-comfortable ride in this scorching heat while riding a bike, and still, wearing a helmet is a must. With India being one of the largest markets for two wheelers in the entire world, putting on a helmet in the Indian summer can be a very uncomfortable experience. But now, keeping cool while driving is made easy with the BluArmour BluSnap 2 helmet cooler, which was recently launched just before the summers set in.

The BluSnap 2, the newer version of BluArmour was launched this year, and that made it easier to see how the device really works and does it meet its promise of making the biker’s experience comfortable and breezy.

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Where does the device go on the helmet?

It primarily comprises a main unit with an air filter and comes with adhesive to help mount the device to the helmet. Apart from that, there is a USB charger cable if you need to charge the battery of the fan. Putting the device together is pretty uncomplicated. One just needs to fit the air inlet to the device and make use of the extender, if required.

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And Voila! You are ready to go! That’s it?

What is really cool about this device is it's filter which just needs to be dipped into cold water and placed back into the main unit. When the rider has a helmet on, he just needs to switch on the device. The fan sucks the air from the exterior and sends cooled and purified air inside your helmet.

A savior from the harsh summer heat!

P K Sundararajan stated that they spent a lot of time talking to customers that used their first generation product and that was helpful for the team to understand how to improve the user experience with BluSnap 2. The device reduces the temperature inside the helmet by about 15 degrees less than outside. What's more is that it has a defog option for extra benefit of the rider. BluSnap is a first of its kind in the BluArmor range; it is great for full-face motorcycle helmets and has been a very successful device in over 10 countries across continents.

The Bikers’ companion App

As part of the company’s initiatives, to help other bikers, they also launched a travel companion app called “BluRyder” that has the ability to auto create travel stories that are shareable. One can share the routes taken, stoppages and the places of interest en-route, in order to create a travelogue.

PK has mentioned that the BluRyder is getting good traction and that they would continue to enhance their capabilities as a platform for rider stories and trail riding.

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