Why is Google celebrating Pizza with its doodle?

I clicked on Google Doodle and wow! There's a fun and interactive puzzle that asked me to cut slices of pizza based on the toppings and the slices ordered. I was also hinted that the more accurate the toppings and the slices ordered are, the more stars I can earn. I played this puzzle for some time and was totally into it, for, it has featured 11 pizzas 

Margherita Pizza (cheese, tomatoes, basil), Pepperoni Pizza (cheese, pepperoni), White Pizza (cheese, white sauce, mushrooms, broccoli), Calabresa Pizza (cheese, calabresa, onion rings, whole black olives), Muzzarella Pizza (cheese, oregano, whole green olives), Hawaiian Pizza (cheese, ham, pineapple), Magyaros Pizza (cheese, salami, bacon, onion, chili pepper), Teriyaki Mayonnaise Pizza (cheese, teriyaki chicken, seaweed, mayonnaise), Tom Yum Pizza (cheese, shrimp, mushrooms, chili peppers, lime leaves), Paneer Tikka Pizza (paneer, capsicum, onion, paprika) and Dessert Pizza - Woo! All my favourites there! 


But when I asked myself what's so special about this day that Google is celebrating pizza, my mind said, "Ask Google". Well, Google is celebrating the most relished Italian dish globally with an animated doodle game to mark this day, the day when in 2007, the culinary Art of Neapolitan 'Pizzaiuolo' was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. To celebrate the day, Google released a fun game for its users. Featuring some of the most relished pizza toppings, the puzzle asks the user to cut the slices based on the type of pizza ordered. All we need to do is, just click on the Google logo on their home page and the puzzle appears before you. 


Explaining more with respect to the concept, Google says, "Although flatbread with toppings has been consumed for centuries in ancient civilisations from Egypt to Rome, the southwestern Italian city of Naples is widely credited as the birthplace of the pizza known today (dough layered with tomatoes and cheese) in the late 1700s. It's here that the story of pizza begins: one that is baked together with centuries of global migration, economic development, and technological evolution,” 


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It's great to know the there's such a big story and honour behind the most enjoyed food across the world. Grab a pizza and solve this pizza puzzle! Hurry! 


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