What's in "The Midnight Years"? Eager to check!!

“What’s normal? What’s cool? Who decides?

And other questions you can’t always ask aloud.

A teenage Story. “


“It’s about four teens you may know. One could even be you.

Ups, downs, unthinkable thoughts. A Book on Teen Life”


Get ready to experience the fast-moving true-to-life story of four teens, The Midnight Years. Be ready to dive into the social, personal and cultural issues faced by teens as projected from their point of view by the most sought out, top-selling humour writer Jane De Suza. We haven’t yet forgotten her other gems viz. Flyaway Boy, the SuperZero series, Uncool, Happily Never After and The Spy who Lost her Head. This Bengaluru based Management graduate from XLRI, the Creative Director at leading advertising agencies, pens for publications worldwide. She writes a humour column for The Hindu, pens a parenting column in Good Housekeeping and writes for magazines, websites and anthologies.


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Today, when another masterpiece has fallen from her pen to entertain the reading world, we know that it is surely going to be relatable and equally exciting. She has co-authored this with Sangita Unni, a practising psychologist for over a decade from Bengaluru, director of Lyftly India, the founder and initiator of Lyftly Minds, an app that promotes youth’s holistic emotional wellness. When a children-centric author clubbed hands with a psychologist to write about teens, I’m bouncing off the walls to read this exciting piece.

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