Wanna know about Pearl Cultivation? Check what this couple have to say!

When Ashok Manwani and his wife, Kulanjan Dubey met in an event that was about the cultivation of pearls, little did they know that they would become partners for life, with pearl cultivation being their common passion and taking the center stage of their lives. Hailing from an agricultural family, Ashok underwent training at the pearl culture institute in Bhubaneswar in 2000, after which he started his work on pearl cultivation along with teaching other cultivators, the positive side of the same. In 2003, with the joining of his like-minded wife, his journey fuelled with the right energy. The main motto of the couple is to make India, a hub for good quality pearls. Together, this Maharashtra couple have done pearl farming in 12 other states too, and have conducted awareness programmes in Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, etc. They have also started an organisation called Indian Pearl Cultivation in 2001, with the sole purpose to train as many people as they can to take up pearl cultivation. 


Designing Tools And Developing Techniques


Ashok and Kulanjan developed tools that are very gentle and that don't lead to the death of oysters. Over the years, they have developed tools like the mussel opener and wooden mussel stand to cultivate designer pearls. The price point of the tools is also another reason that makes them unique. On an average, one is able to extract only two pearls from one shell but with the technique they have developed, one can extract up to six pearls from one shell. The duo also promote the use of organic products to increase the nutrient content of the water.


When this couple is here to give the farming enthusiasts all that they want to know about pearl cultivation, why not learn and get into this most reliable, profitable and sustainable cultivation? The day is not too far when India becomes the proud producer of the best quality pearls. 

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