Vexed of cab drivers cancelling your rides? Here's what you can do.

Cabs have become the most convenient means of commuting these days but at the same time, became the most irritating ones too. The main problem comes when the driver cancels the ride after knowing the destination. There's not even a single person who hasn't been irked by this of late. Though frustrated, people end of doing nothing because they don't know how to go about this. But not anymore. The next time a cab driver cancels your ride, here's what you can do. 

* When you book a ride through any cab service, make a note of the cab number by taking a screenshot on your mobile.

* When the cab driver calls and asks you for the end destination, do share the same with them.

* After knowing the destination, if the cab driver cancels the ride or refuses to allow you to board, share the date, time, location with your city Traffic police on twitter or via WhatsApp along with providing a screenshot of the cancelled ride to them.

* Cancelling the ride imposes a penalty of Rs 500 for state run buses and Rs 200 for private cabs, which the state police directly raises on the vehicle, under 178 (3) (a) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. 


It's a great initiative but how was it actually brought on to the table?  

Vijay Gopal, an anti-corruption and consumer rights’ activist from Hyderabad suffered a serious foot injury and wasn't able to walk at some point in the recent times. He booked cabs but having waited for more than 40 minutes, all he received was just the cancellations. Angered by this, he decided to act and started fighting  angst against such ride cancellations. He filed a Public Interest Litigation and got the courts to intervene and provide a redressal mechanism for the sake of hassled commuters. 


Thanks to Vijay for his fight because of which the most irking problem has got its solution. Every time I finish a cab ride from now on, I will remember Vijay and thank him.

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