Vegan condoms - safe and the need of the hour!

In a country that ranks third in HIV cases and is a pool of unwanted pregnancy cases, talking about condoms is a great sin. How funny it is that people do not consider the importance of safe sex and shy away from buying condoms amidst the scenario of growing population! Though it is the most accessible method of contraception, the adoption rate of condoms in India is just 5.6%. When Aruna Chawla, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from New Delhi, found out that it is the social acceptability of condoms that needs a boost up, she stepped into action, because it's on the women ultimately, the pain of unwanted pregnancies falls on. 


In June 2020, Aruna launched 'Salad', a startup that sells vegan, non-toxic and eco-friendly condoms that use fragrance-free natural latex and also come with recyclable packaging. Afterv seceral failed attempts to approach and speak with the manufacturers who were reluctant to discuss regarding this with a female, she finally got to convince one and her journey began. 


Aruna ensures that she discloses the ingredients that go into the product. There is a QR code that the user can scan which directs him to a website detailing about the ingredients used to make the condom.  "Most condoms use an animal by-product called casein to beat the rubber into thin sheets. In the last few years, as technology has improved, we now have the means to develop condoms that don’t need animal by-products. So for Salad, it’s just about doing the right thing.”, says Aruna. 


Stop shying away from things important, stop pointing and throwing tantrums at people who are trying to educate about what is necessary - wake up and realise. 

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