This girl from Kerala becomes the first to present a paper at the NCME

Mathematics has been a nightmare for majority of the students for ages now. It's still been the most dreaded subject of all. Nanditha Devraj from Kerala, however, is speaking of making mathematics, 'result-oriented' by using digital domain. 


Nanditha Devraj is going to present a paper at the National Conference of Mathematical Education organised by NCERT and she will become the first student to present a paper at the NCME. 


Nanditha and her sister Niveditha have  trained more than 1,000 students in mathematics via online classes in the last two years. They helped in making maths easy and interesting for kids through the principles of Vedic Mathematics. The students of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Kottayam, these sisters initially ran several batches to accommodate the incoming students. Later, as they received a zoom with a capacity of 500, they began to train more kids in 2021. In the national conference being organised by NCERT in connection with the National Mathematics Day, 

the 10th NCME will be held at the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, from December 20th to 22nd. This is where Nanditha will present her paper. Not only this, the sisters have also presented at the International Vedic Mathematics Conference in June 2021. 


Congratulations to Nanditha and may this conference make their identity known to several others in the nation and may their classes grow. May more students learn mathematics in a way that the fear of the subject shall be driven away. 

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