This animal lover's incredible service is amazing everyone!

Who could forget the news that stormed the national media in January 2020 about Rajani Shetty, the courageous and compassionate animal lover from Ballalbagh, Mangalore? The woman rescued a stray dog that has fallen into an open well located in the Biruver Kudla ground by tying a rope around her waist and getting down into the deep well. She just seemed like a living super-shero. That's not all. There so much that this lady does beyond just rescuing animals. She works as a domestic help but her work is something that even big-fat people don't think of doing! 


Rajani feeds close to 160 stray dogs every night between 12 am and 2 am. Not only this, she also takes care of all their medical expenses including vaccinations and treatments, if necessary. This animal lover feeds close to 500 dogs everyday and she houses many cats, dogs and birds in her house. Yes! You heard that right! These animals co-live with Rajani's family of five and Rajani nurtures them just like she nurtures her three children. She cooks around 8-9kg of rice mixed with chicken waste that is sourced from two chicken stalls and she goes on scooter along with her husband, around the areas of Mannagudda, Urwa and surrounding vicinity to feed stray dogs every night - the money for all this comes straight from her pocket. Wait! Let me tell you that Rajani also takes care of two eagles that were injured while they came in contact with live electric wires. Since they are unable to fly from then on, they are sheltered in a large cage and taken care of. 


But who likes to appreciate when someone does something good? Though Rajani's work is widely appreciated and applauded by many across the nation and people also come forward to donate their part towards her service, her neighbours are into constantly harassing her for this! But why does a person with passion stop, that too when she has a loving family to support? 

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