The Real Beauty

What is beauty?


I wandered from place to place to find out the true meaning of beauty.

I pondered over various books to trace out its origins as a line of duty.


She said, "You are beautiful"

I asked her to elucidate her statement and make it more meaningful.

She gave me a pointing cold look.

Still, I wanted to know its real meaning by hook or crook.


I continued my journey to reach the destination of true beauty.

In no one I could find its real meaning, be it in sweety or in her dolly tweety.

My tired body demanded rest for the night.

So I decided to relax under the canopy of the twilight.

I stretched my knackered spine on the grassy mattress.

Soon I slipped into the world of slumber leaving behind all of the day's stress.


I found myself walking in the garden of dreamy reality

I immersed my soul into the honey of life like a devotee.


I witnessed the closed fist of a new life born out of hours of hard labour.

I was astonished to see the body that cried in pain till then jumping on the happiness harbour.


I saw the soil sharing its fragrance with the world after being perfumed by the rain drop I heard the heartfelt hymns and tunes rendered by the harvested crop.

My heart involuntarily said, "BEAUTIFUL"


I walked further and found myself dipped in the sweat of a stone cutter

I greeted the eternal love between the cute old couple that turned their wrinkled skin brighter.

I enjoyed the delicious taste of the juicy cherries hanging from the honest tree of hard work.

I was mesmerized at the inspiring sight of the winning team's collective work.

My vocal chords merrily vibrated and said, "BEAUTIFUL"


I continued my journey.

I met a colorful butterfly that's eagerly sucking the nectar from the flower.

I met the mighty mangrove that shouldered the task of coastal defence.

I took a glance at the orange sky that bid bye to the sun for the day and embraced the moon

I waved at the flock of birds while they set to their home after finishing their daily chores.

My soul whispered, "BEAUTIFUL"


As I continued my journey, my eyes witnessed a lot more.

A challenging task,

An innovative thought,

A few words of wisdom,

An enthusiastic child,

A warm and caring hug,

An encouraging pat,

A loving home,

An expected baby,

A welcoming smile,

An adventurous journey,

A game of chance and everything out of self choice.

The light of hope in despair,

The hope of life amidst pain,

The elegance in the brave bone of a country,

The bliss around the campfire of the cold night.


My body vibrated with joy and cried, "BEAUTIFUL"


I woke up to the warm kiss of the sunrise.

Having known the true meaning of beauty, I marched ahead realising the true beauty in ME.

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