The father of the expresso machine celebrates his 171st birthday.

How much do you long for an expresso while banging your head to that insensitive office desk? A good shot of hot expresso makes your cubicle seem like a holiday destination. So, it's time for you to thank Angelo Moriondo, the one who invented the earliest known expresso machine in the year 1884. Check out Google's way of remembering him today, it's artistic doodle is sure to impress you. Happy 171st birthday, Angelo Moriondo!! 


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Angelo, who was born on June 6th, 1851, designed his coffee machine in which he made a combination of steam and boiling water to brew coffee. It was the time when coffee was gaining huge fan base in Italy. However, people had to wait for long periods to get their coffee brewed. That's exactly when, Angelo, a product of an entrepreneurial family, came up with his expresso machine. He demonstrated it at the General Expo of Turin in 1884 where the invention was appreciated with a bronze medal. 


So, if we are enjoying those hot sips of our favourite drink today, all thanks to the pioneer Angelo Moriondo! Though improvisations to the earliest version were made in the later years, the contribution of Angelo can never fade out! As his birthday treat, let's brew our cup of expresso. Happy birthday Angelo! 


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