TCS Marathon: Use this opportunity to donate and Save Tax

TCS 10 K Marathon to raise funds for non profits: 


“Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about making a difference” … Kathy Calvin

Every human being need to live a life with dignity and respect!  But many are deprived, and the most affected are women. I am advocating to create better livelihood options for women. We work with women from the most marginal and excluded sections of the society like migrant women laborers, domestic violence survivors, Dalit women, Devadasi women, women from semi-nomadic tribes, and beedi workers.

These women come from poor economic backgrounds and are trying to find their ground to living with dignity. To add to that the pandemic has wrecked havoc, wages have been reduced, and getting work has become harder.  

They are not accepted by the communities and are forced to live as outcasts and only manage to get menial jobs. They face poverty and many health-related problems which cannot be attended to due to a lack of access to resources and affordable healthcare.  

HIDF is working towards the empowerment of these women in order to create secure livelihoods for them. We plan to train and support them to become entrepreneurs and take up livelihood options to lead a dignified life.

Your contributions can make a difference in these women’s lives………

All donations are exempted u/s 80G of Income Tax Act

Please contact me at or 8722609131

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