My journey in recovery with my best friend my mom in law

My journey in recovery with  my best friend  mom in law.

 life throws  obstacles  numerous  stumbling  blocks  its for me to decide  , whether  I use stumbling  block  to  stepping  stone. 

 Had a hard childhood Parents  gave their best  they could  with  limited  financial  resources  and  education. 

They groomed  four  siblings with  the  best of things they could. 

I was a Rebel  , I wanted everything  differently  done from my siblings. 

I was over Ambitious wanted to touch the sky.

I constantly  compared self with  rest relatives   and   cousins. 

I felt inferior  when  my sisters  and  I were made fun of our  clothes. 

I wanted  best things a better life  for Self of us.Of 4 of us elder sister was an handicap. 

Had hearing problems  was married  off early due to her problem  in learning  and Parents  own insecurities. 

Until her marriage   life  didn't  seem difficult. 

As she gave  birth to her 2 children   demands on dowry  started to crop up.There were  episodes  of assault  and  abusive  relationship  in her marriage. I pretended  and  Faked to patch up when I visited  them on weekends .

I  feared a lot for her survival  of marriage. 

One day got a call that elder sister  husband  commited suicide  , it broke me a lot.

By  than I was in a relationship  with  an handsome  , well to  do man.

He was always  supportive  , understanding, loving  and  caring.

He made me feel like a queen  other than during  his drunken  bouts he never really  became  violent. 

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