Mon Chére Ami (My Dear Friend)

Montague pursed his lips in a very crooked manner. The stress made him feel like having another "Dyuck Jelain". He held the paper in the sunlight like a shining trophy claimed to be his in every manner yet completely different from what the paper proposed. It said the following:

Dupont et Montague Dejeuner Café : The factory has been alive and well since '23. Closing due to unsaid circumstances.

Montague scoffed 'Unsaid it seems! For I know why it is'

Montague, unfortunately, knew why it was. Dupont was the mellieur ami of Montague. They were so close that they shared their business ideas proclaiming they both had high dreams and long paths to walk. Keeping their word that they would not separate.


Sticking to their promise, their business ventured out, an idea that so longed to be a reality, not only for Dupont and Montague but for the entire village. A little town where nobody had heard the word "restaurant". Dupont and Montague had a promising dream to make a tiny restaurant that will be famous in all of Butte-aux-Cailles. For 40 years, their little restaurant had advanced and grown so big. People all over France had come to see this delightful little eatery. Of course "À vaillant coeur rien d'impossible" (With a valiant heart, nothing is impossible)


But slowly, things for Dupont felt a little heavy. He didn't feel as active and alive as he used to feel. He didn't feel the same enthusiasm when he was working. After all, time flies, you get old and weary. Dupont had weak knees and his back was slightly hunched. He had a wispy white mustache and his beautiful black hair was fading. He was tired of the life that was once loved.

Montague never understood what Dupont was going through. He loved his daily work life, even though he was now half-blind and goiter started rising for him, he still was motivated to push through.


Dupont applied for his retirement application, which automatically meant that Montague will to have to give up his restaurant. According to the restaurant contract, it was stated they both were tied together. As in "If Dupont/Montague retires automatically the other should step down too".


Montague was pondering over his situation when he heard a knock at his rustic door. He opened it and it was Dupont!


Montague shifted his head in anger.

"Mon chère ami..." Dupont started

"Leave me, Dupont, as I start to live a despaired life which you have caused"

"I'm dying"

Montague's face melted the anger away and looked at him with confusion, sadness, and a tinge of guilt

"Dr. Corentin describes it as my "last days here", there's nothing I can do. I felt I shouldn't spend it on the restaurant rather experience little things which have big measure one I leave"

Montague shivered with fear. The thought of his best friend leaving left a bad and bitter yet filled with remorse print on his heart. Tears welled up in his eyes as he tightly hugged his friend and whispered into his ear ever so softly.


"Until we meet again mon ami"


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