Longing for the best Non-veg Thali? Read this and thank me later.

"When do you take rest?"

"Rest... Only at night", says Mrs. Pushpavati, the heart and soul of Hotel Mahalaxmi in Malpe. The special masala that she grinds early in the morning to add mouth-watering taste to every variety of fish they fry and serve, is sure to tickle your tastebuds. Not for one,two or ten years; she has been doing it for the past 60 years. They choose the fish, get them to their kitchen, cut and clean the fish, prepare the masala and then make fry and curry. People from Udupi, Mangalore, Bangalore, etc. visit Mahalaxmi hotel specifically, to make their tastebuds dance to the delectable taste of their food, especially the fish thali.


A small hut, over a period of 60 years was developed now, into something big.  Located at the Old Panchayath Road, Malpe, Udupi, Near Cmc Sub Office, Hotel Mahalaxmi offers the best treat to the sea food lovers. Established in 1960, this place satisfies your hunger cravings and your tummy will thank you for treating it. The doors are open from 11:30am to 10pm and if you are longing for the best non-veg thali while driving on the way, stop at Hotel Mahalaxmi and thank me later! 

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