Hyderabad - Is it lacking places to meet?

Hyderabad is the city where one can find  people from diverse backgrounds living in harmony. No other city for that matter in India welcomes people and makes them feel home like Hyderabad. With no language barriers, cultural differences and regional constraints, Hyderabadis welcome everyone with open arms. Go anywhere in India, one is sure to find at least a little discomfort in terms of change in good habits at the least. But, not in Hyderabad. The city also offers a wide range of cuisines satisfying the taste buds of every person. It is one such city that treats everyone as its natives. That's why, we can find people from different states and nations living in Hyderabad for years with least discomfort. 


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Though Hyderabad is a place that hugs everyone in the lap of its hospitality, I feel the city lacks good places to catch up and have some talk. When I say this, it could be surprising to many and they might come up saying that there are numerous places in the city where one can hang out and meet their friends, hold friendly and business conversations and chill with their families. Of course, that's true. The city is flooded with countless places to hang out. But my point is that all those places are either food courts or coffee shops or restaurants or resorts or hotels.


Is there any place in Hyderabad where I can take my friend along with me, sit in serenity, discuss about our project or plans? A place where there is only silence, surrounded by informative books, good ambience and where I need not order any food or drink to sit and speak to my friend or partner. If I have to discuss about something, I either have to go to an eatery, order something, and only then I will be able to sit there for hours. Parks aren't the right places in many cases. Can a city like Hyderabad can't have one library or a well-maintained community hall or a place to peacefully meet, spend time and discuss constructive matters in every locality? Is it the responsibility of the community members or the citizens or the government to look into this? 


Places like these help people to come together, talk about issues, discuss solutions, know information and gain knowledge. If there could be one or two such places in high profile areas, how accessible can they be for everyone in the city? So, for the rest of others, if they have to hold a meeting, they have to shell out money and buy some food or drinks to sit and talk!! 


Can we make Hyderabad better in this aspect too? 

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