God - Worship Or Follow?

The presence of God is a topic that invites debate every minute in time. It is totally up to the person who believes what. But when we look at mythologies that revolve around God and his existence, we come across numerous stories depicting the power, divinity, actions and discourses of God. If you are a person who do not believe in God, then you will surely figure out your own ways to navigate through the crests and troughs of life. And when you are a believer of God, you will take His help in driving your life ahead. As long as one's beliefs are not crossing ways with those of others', every belief and every action one takes out of it, is no harm. 


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My question today is, how far are the believers of God really believing in Him? 

Does believing in God means offering mere prayers, gifts and chants? Does taking the path of God involves just praying for the good times, good happenings and a struggle-free life? We often see people chanting God's name, follow rituals and keep up with practices, ask God to fulfil their wishes and thank him back by offering monetary or materialistic gifts according to their capacities. But praying God doesn't mean in itself, you are believing in Him. No. 


If you believe in God, you should be able to put His words, His lessons for you to practice. Lord Jesus have preached numerous good things and all those have got inscribed in the holy Bible. Same way, Allah's teachings, the preachings of Guru Nanak, the divine sayings of Lord Krishna or Shirdi Sai Baba - all have got great points that lead mankind towards goodness and a peaceful living. Unfortunately, the present world has forgotten the true meaning of prayers. Prayer has become just a ritual that 'should' be practiced without fail, else, God would forget them or wouldn't bless them with bliss. 


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Introspect and find out for yourself if you are a mere worshipper or a follower of God. If you are a follower of God, then you will practice not the rituals but His words in every walk of your life. When God said that patience is the key for a better tomorrow, you would believe; when God advised you to give in your 100% effort without expecting the outcome, you would follow; when God told you that success doesn't come by chance and is only a result of hardwork, you would understand it; when God himself has shown no disparities among his subjects - be it men, women, children, plants and animals, you wouldn't be creating a world that works in favour of a specific group; when God himself has shown to you that he is not bothered about any harsh rules and policies that suppress, degrade or hurt someone, you too would follow his path; when God said that He will provide for you when you rightfully deserve, you would analyse if you are really deserving or you're just being greedy. 


Without 'following' what God said, without really taking the path shown by Him, without really putting into practice what He preached, how can one call himself a believer of God? He is just a worshipper seeking benefits out of doing nothing. When you consider God as Guru and 'follow' what you strongly believe he said, then, you can be called as a believer of God. Then, you can term yourself as His child. Only then you are eligible to tell others what God is to you. Until then, sorry. 

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