From the Depths!

From the Depths!


The water tasted salty and it kept coming till my toes and running back. This was the first time I had ever experienced the seashore. The murky water, adults jumping around, it was a bit overwhelming. Every sensation in my mind and body was new, I had no clue as to what was going on. All I could see is Mum’s glowing smile and behind her Dad keeping guard over her shoulder.


That was the last image that went through my mind. The next vision was the colour brown, in its many shades. Moving from opaque to translucency. There were the occasional bubbles that dotted the boundaries of these changing hues. I could feel my body freeze. My mind racing to process my surroundings and the sensation of no air. My nostrils burned, my vision went dark and I could feel my neck and body go numb. This one may say was my first recollection of fear.


A soft laugh followed with a gentle tug at my arm. The most soothing sounds came there after – “Oh baba! Are you okay?” - in tandem with a delightful giggle.


My eyes opened wide as I gasped for air, only to see a perfect set of pearly whites and hear laughter. At the age of two, so I think, I was furious. Instant tears, blood rushing to my head, I just had to let it all out. Trust me, Juhu beach goers did stop in their tracks.


Seconds later, cuddled in mummy’s arms, with all the security in the world, I was at peace once again.


This would have been the year 1981 or 82. I was born in 1979.


There are many such memories that follow. They seem like vivid dreams, surreal at times. However, one constant, my Mum, in her all physical, mental and spiritual state, reminds me that she is always there. Looking over me even when I have no clue or consciousness of my physical, spiritual or mental being.


There is something about mothers. They just know. They can tell when to keep it a secrete even from you or to let all hell let loose.


My Mum has walked with me through times, literally, one should have not survived. My Mum, led us through times, that as an adult today, I will be a victim of intense stress. These strengths, the faith to look forward and move on, I still learn everyday.


Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you my dear mother!!


Your loving son!


(P.s. from your loving daughter as well...:):)...your children and grandchildren mother...lots of love!!)

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