Ever heard of musical staircase? Kochi Metro Rail made it happen in India!

Climbing stairs is considered to be the best as compared to taking an escalator or an elevator. It improves overall health. But who would listen to advises? For the same reason, sometimes we come across unique and interesting thoughts that walk people through the roads of following better lifestyle practices. One such unique initiative was shouldered by Kochi Metro Rail Limited. 


Step in to the MG Road station in Ernakulam and you will run to take the staircase instead of taking an escalator. Giving strength to its motto 'Health with enjoyment', Kochi Metro came up with 'musical staircase'. Yes! You heard that right! Inaugurated at the MG Road station in Ernakulam, this one-of-a-kind staircase plays notes of piano and keyboard when people walk up or down the stairs. With the primary aim of encouraging the city-dwellers to climb stairs, rather than using escalators or elevators, this staircase has undoubtedly been serving the cause. 


Kochi Metro Rail Limited has collaborated with Triaxia Infotec Private Limited to complete this project. This staircase that works using laser beam lights was completed in just one week. As the further

development, keys shall be set up in a way where people who know to play Piano or Keyboard will be able to create music on stairs while climbing up or down.


​​​​​​Interesting!! Isn't it so? If healthy living is coupled with joy, why say no? 

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