Diabetes? Insulin discoverers have been saving lives. Isn't it?

Today, millions of people suffering from diabetes are leading normal lives. Let's all thank Sir Frederick Banting for his discovery of Insulin. Banting, along with a medical student named Best, began his research in the laboratories of the Scottish physiologist J.J.R Macleod, at the University of Toronto, to isolate the hormone. 


What They Did?


The duo tied off the pancreatic ducts of dogs and reduced the pancreas to inactivity preserving certain cells in the pancreas known as the islets of Langerhans, the site of insulin production. Solutions extracted from these cells were further injected into the dogs whose pancreas were removed and the dogs quickly recovered from the induced diabetes. Banting and Best thus were able to isolate insulin that proved effective in treating diabetes in humans. after finishing their experiments in 1922, Banting received the 1923 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Macleod instead of Best. upset with this, Banting divided his share of the award equally with Best. 


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Rest all aside, we will remember Frederick Grant Banting and Dr. Charles Best for their discovery, which is till date, saving the lives of the diabetics, for, injections of Insulin are proved to be the effective treatment for diabetes. 



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