16 year old become young certified IBM machine learner in Nigeria

A 16 year old Nigerian recently break the record of becoming the youngest IBM certified machine learner in Nigeria. The boy also known as Philip Oyenola is the youngest certified machine learner in Nigeria thereby becoming the best in machine learning. The little genius started learning coding when he was 12 and he became a software developer when he was 12. He however moved to the web development area and became a full stack developer when he was 13. He learnt the power of app development and became an app developer when he was 14. Then also he stumbled on IBM course on Artificial intelligence and took the course when he was 15 and he is now certified as a machine learner thereby boosting his rank and also make him to explore and dream for Higher heights.bio image

Now he is exploring to study computer science in college to become a computer scientist in life. He is a great achiever annd is always learning to help others and help the world at large. He is also aiming to be a CEO of his company. Philip Oyenola is an achiever and always learning to build and break records of becoming the youngest AI engineers the world has

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