"World Music Day"

Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered... Wow, this is too much! I need a break to handle all this chaos... I'm sure you have. When I need a break what I would do immediately is take my earphones and plug them in and listen to my favorite music. It's always helped me calm down. 

Today Being "World Music Day", it's unfair to not talk about the factor which keeps us going even on a stormy day.

Let me catch you up on why we have a World Music Day, We all have people around us who not just stop listening to good music but also wanted to learn music and get themselves established in this field. We celebrate these budding Musicians, to reach their end goals and become full-fledged Musicians. On this day we recognize and support their art across the world. A few amongst us go a mile further and conduct events to celebrate the budding musicians. 

We have a lot of genres in music, and Independent Musicians all over the world come up with a piece of new, refreshing music very often. They put in their souls to create music, which can calm our nerves within seconds and make us forget the turmoil. 

In this era of the Genz, we can reach out to musicians in any corner of the planet. Most of them post their music on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or even the people who find them fascinating share their work on social media and get to know real talents even when we are sitting in remote regions. 

We can direct message them or leave a comment of appreciation when we come across beautiful musical talents on social media. When he/she reads it they'll be even more motivated and most importantly happy and content that their work has reached so many people. I have a few ideas for people who wanted to show their appreciation to the budding artists. 

  • Reach out to these artists when you find them playing on the sidelines of roads, or at events. 
  • Give them a verbal appreciation or if you are willing a monetary appreciation will also be of great help and comfort.
  • In case you are very impressed, you can provide them with a gig, for example, your spouses, parents or siblings' birthdays or any important occasion. This gives them exposure and a wide range of opportunities.

​​​Let's recognize, appreciate, and celebrate real talents this World Music Day.

To all the budding talents... All the Best For your Future Endeavours. 

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