What I was able to learn from climbing the highest free-standing mountain!

The fact that this is just my second expedition and I was so interested in it and that always kept me motivated!

“ We can never conquer a mountain but, we conquer our thoughts”.

I learned to never ever give up because you never know how close you are to your destination, If I had given up where half of the team did, I’d never know how close I would be!

Giving up was an option for me at that time but I made sure that, that was the decision of my life.
That’s why I was successful in summiting because I was able to change the option into a decision, and decisions matter for life.

Options don’t matter for life, but decisions do!
So every person should be able to change their important options to decisions that matter for a lifetime!

Lastly, never give up cause you don’t know how close you might be to the destination!

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