The Healing Power of Sujok Therapy.

While Western medicine aims at the symptoms of a specific disease and is effective in their elimination, one cannot deny the side-effects it brings. Use of antibiotics, pain suppressants, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs etc. that are central to Western medicine brings a host of aftereffects. In view of this, people prefer a path of cure that keeps them away from complications. Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc are some of the alternatives to western medicine preferred by people. In the recent years, Sujok therapy has been gaining prominence for its effective results and zero side-effects. 

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In Sujok Therapy, the palm and foot represent the whole body i.e. they are taken as the active points that correspond to all the organs in the human body. Sujok Therapy is based on Acupressure in which Su means hand and jok means foot. The therapy is based on the theory that hands and feet are the locations where active points related to all the organs of the body exist. By triggering these active points in the right way, the root cause of the physical and mental ailments are targeted, providing relief to the patient. 


Sujok therapy has no side-effects. It is 100% safe as there is no usage of medicines or drugs for the treatment. It is simple to perform and after proper guidance and training, even patients can perform this therapy by themselves. Stimulating the hands and feet creates a therapeutic action leading to an effective cure.  


This is How the Hands and Feet Represent the Whole Body:

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The thumb corresponds to the head and the neck while the part of the palm under the thumb relates to the chest and the palm in total refers to the abdomen. While the middle and ring fingers correspond to the legs, the index and small fingers relate to the arms. Similarly, the big toe corresponds to the head and neck, the area under the big toe corresponds to the chest and the palm of the foot connects to the abdominal area. The third and the forth toes refer to the legs, while the second and the fifth toes to the arms. On the same lines, different points on the left and right feet represent different organs of the human body. 


What Ailments Can be Treated Using Sujok Therapy? 


Sujok Therapy helps in curing various kinds of illnesses related to mind and body. It doesn't call for any precautions except for getting it done by the right person, a professional. This therapy, for its safest practices, is being chosen globally. People are turning towards the soothing and effective healing power of Sujok Therapy in the recent times for the instant relief it promises.  


It is easy to diagnose and treat the problem using Sujok Therapy. By applying the right amount of pressure in the right direction, one can find cure to the problem. Various physical ailments like hypertension, headache, Bronchitis, Ulcer, Constipation, Gastric trouble, Migraine, Vertigo, and others are said to be cured using Sujok therapy. Additionally, Sujok Therapy is said to have worked wonders on mental health issues like depression, anxiety, panic disorders, anger, etc. By providing a soothing effect on the patient's mind and body, this therapy is just what mental health victims are asking for. 


So, why not give Sujok Therapy a try? If it works, it's great for you. If it doesn't, no problem either. Because, there are no side-effects. Get an appointment with a professional therapist today and see if your long-term problems find a relief. 





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