Struggling to manage time? Check these tips out!

It’s just a 24-hour-day for everyone. It depends on individuals how they get their organizational skills to work in order to reap the maximum out of it. If you are juggling between multiple tasks and feeling stressed out all day long, then it’s time to practice a few time management techniques. This article highlights the best practices for effective time management.
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Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Calm Mind:

Begin your day with exercise for an energetic body and active mind. People who exercise in the morning work with enhanced energy throughout the day. With a serene mind, their productivity increases making them more effective at organising multiple tasks – hence effective time management.

Managing Time is Not Wasting It:

Social media sites are the biggest time wasters. Stop constantly scrolling the feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and time control naturally falls into your hands. Cutting down on unwanted screen time including watching TV saves you a lot of time.

Improved Time Management by Time Division:

Allot certain time for doing specific tasks. For example, if you have to send or respond to emails, instead of doing it multiple times, address all of them in a go. You can also schedule meetings at one part of the day instead of organising huddles quite often. Check your day planner and chalk out your activities accordingly.

Assign The Tasks:

An effective manager of time will not carry out all the duties by himself. He hands out certain tasks of the day to people he works with. This provides room for accommodating other activities too.

The Best Time Management Practice Ever:

Learn to say ‘No’. Trying to identify the avoidable tasks and saying ‘No’ to them is the best time management strategy. Be diplomatic when it comes to extending help when you know it is of low importance.

Take a Break:

Taking break for a day or half in the midst of tight schedules rejuvenates your mind and fills it with the fuel required to run again. Read a good book, watch your favorite movie, hang out with friends, enjoy a spa, go for an outing or just do nothing. This helps in increased productivity when you get back to work.

There are several time management apps that help organise your work. Though there are several time management barriers, when you know why is time management important, you will decode the strategies by yourself according to what suits you the best. Happy de-stressed working!


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