Slow Fashion! The New Fashion Statement

Slow Fashion... Does it ring any bells? It's a sustainable form of fashion. We know as humans we have already contributed enough towards the destruction of the planet. But we are also slowly coming to our senses and realizing we need to take a different route before it all turns to dust. One such change is Slow Fashion. 
slow fashion & India 
This concept is already established in regions like the USA, and parts of Europe. People in India are yet made aware of this concept. And you wanna know a depressing fact? Indians are the producers of Slow Fashion Clothing Products. You read that right, people from various parts of India are major producers, collaborating with the artists of our land to tailor the best outfits with the true essence of our roots. 

materials used in slow fashion
It's mostly upcycled cotton, recycled clothing and organic hemp... and many more. And few brands also use the leftover materials which were used for making other outfits. The moto behind using these sorta materials is to not leave behind landfills which would not decompose easily and would remain on land for eternity.

brands that cater to slow fashion products
These are the Indian Brands which cater to sustainable fashion. 

We are a developing country, while we are still developing let's get the hang of developing sustainably. Every act shares an equal and long-lasting impact, let's make sure we are aware of what we are deciding for ourselves and the environment. Make Mistakes, But choose wisely the next time. 


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