By Dr. Vinod Roshan D'souza. 

The Right to Information Act came into force on 15th June 2005 but for the last almost 17 years the greater challenge has been the actual implementation of the Act. Unless the RTI Act is further strengthened, Good Governance and Transparency in the Administration with Zero Tolerance to Corruption will never be truly a reality.

As this Act aims at making the government transparent and more accountable, its effective use could pave the path of Good Governance. It has become a powerful tool in exposing corruption and maladministration at all levels of Governance. 

Some bureaucrats had been conditioned to conceal and not to reveal information but this has changed with the RTI Act. Any attempt to dilute this Transparency law should not be allowed and must be vehemently opposed. There is infact a need to reinforce this law.  

This Act must be a tool used by every individual to make an impact and bring about change. A properly worded RTI application with a 10 rupee Court fee stamp is all it takes. The Right to Information is a key component in the attainment of economic, social and political rights of an individual as well as the community at large. We all have to be ardent users of the RTI Act and it needs to be a people’s movement.

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